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Biden the Beast at it again I see. ..will check it out.

There is a reason a FBA/DOS/Freedmen will never be President of the United States. I talk about it here:

"The Real Reason Descendants of Freedmen Will Never Be President" by Marley K.on Medium (free to read for Blkem users)

Hi Everyone,

I'm Marley K and I am dumping Twitter with zero regrets. I'm happy to support and aid in building a social media platform for us by us. If we don't build our own things we will never have anything and constantly roaming like nomads with no home.

Sending positive energy to all and I just want to thank you for paving the way for the rest of us.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all preparing for hard times. Things are about to get really bad here in the states and around the globe. Preps should include:

Dry goods and non-perishables
Hygiene and cleaning products
Seeds with materials to plant/grow your own food
Power tools (home protection)
Paper products
A method to cook without power (i.e. charcoal grill, Sterno)
Potassium Iodide
Children's comfort items
Books and games
Hair supplies and products
Extra gas/propane
SHTF/bugout bags
Plans for nuclear fallout

We all need to be prepared No one is coming

In response Reaghan Costner to her Publication

ayyye!! we good over here, enjoying my mac n cheese & collard greens over here!!

What’s up my people? Just made a comment on Twitter, and look out, I found you.