Smitty Pimp’n


just taking up space cause I can

One blurt a day keeps the pain away ( I need to take my own advice)

Sometimes I just scream “ahhhhhhh” like I’m Kendrick. I swear it always make me feel better

I been gone too long I’m about to flood y’all with photos

I aint did shit all day! lol living out my ancestors wildest dreams.

There’s a black “hooters” opening up in Dallas called Booties and Burgers. y’all need to fuck with it one time if you bout it.

so yeah the whole Doechii and Kodak shit got me hot. lol I wanted so much more for my girl and see her tease this song with him, it’s a huge stain on her career.

I been gone too long. I need to get in the habit of being on here. still sticking to this being my dairy though.

okay what’s the climate like here? and how do you use it compared to your other social sites? #newtotheblock

*sticks tongue out* excited to see what’s in store here. let me set up shop lol brb.