Veronica Conway


Panther Cub & Mom | Trauma Slayer | Neuro Hacker | King & Queen Maker | Curator of All Things Black Mastery | Not Just The Medicine:The Cure

Best decision I made was taking an extra two days and starting work back on Thursday instead of today. I may need to make up the hours somewhere later on, but this is worth every minute of peace to settle into the new year.


There is alot of talk in Black spaces and places about our need for healing. I have spent 20+ years cracking the code on what it takes to heal and transform US so that we can become all that we are capable of. Check it out at

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Our Blkem users,

We provided this platform so that we can socialize without all the racial trauma as well as walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Continue to get the word out there about Blkem and what we stand for. The more users uttilize the platform the more we can expand and conduct more work online and on the ground.

We are collaborating with a few organizations and platforms to bring physical and digital tangibles for our community. Things are happening behind the scenes.

We are all we got!

#blkem #spreadtheword