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S/O to the cousins, closeted Misanoirdrist, and the rest of the good folks of Blkem. See ya'll in the summer..maybe. #CityboysUp

As for me? Just having a place that is just for us is dope. Hell WE make all this social media platform hot. Threads has blacktwittertheads. IG has BlackTwitterIG. We're to commodity. And if it cracks? Ayo I need stock options before it goes public:)

If you're wondering why would a person go through all this trouble for something like this? Put it like this...Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stock in apple for 800 bux. It's now worth 95 billion. Unc has a belief about this.

Unc also explained that the reason why there are two sites right now is because the second is a Testing Site. If he rolled out blocks on the main site, it would crash the entire site. He needs feedback in order to finalize it and roll out.

Ok Boom! I'm there at Othem right now and I have a live block up. Its called "Block 1" I just spoke to Unc and he explained it to me then bounced out. If you wanna fall thru so I can explain to you, I'm there..

I ain't gonna tell you what YA BOY was thinking we can use Othem for because I was reminded that it was Thursday not Friday and to leave the shenanigan's for Fridays..

You're gonna have to use one one the phone and another on a computer.

Aite so, I'm on other Blkem or "Othem" fro short. I was confused as fuck for a min as to why I couldn't login. Ya'll, its a mirror Blkem that will not use the same credentials you use to log in to here.

I seen a dude post elsewhere “As a man, my dick has led me to places I wouldn’t even go with a gun” as a man, I felt that shit deep within my soul… Can I get an AYE-MEN brothas?

Good Morning cousins. Got a question, any cousin live in Texas specifically near the Houston area? If so, you got any insight on what the Mocha Fest is? Hear a bit about it , wanted to get an insiders viewpoint.

Any cousins in the Tech sector? I’m curious, with the advent of AI what Tech job do you see being completely or at least partially being lost to AI in the next 10-15 years? What jobs are the safest? Why?

Just a heads up cousins..If you’ve ever watched “The Big Short” this is the guy depicted by Christian Bale. He accurately predicted the market crash of 2008 and made billions for him and his investors.

I seen that shit comn son…Word up, I bet cash green backs this nigga sings if he gets hit with RICO…

Swing on a pole in my residence which has been made to look like a gentleman’s club for the evening while she shashay’s to the melodic sounds of Kelis singing “Milkshake”. Victory shall be mine this decade..

As I approach the big 4OH this coming fall, I look back and reflect on life and things which I hope to attain and experience…A reflexive somberness eases its place amongst the cache of thoughts on my brow… I have yet to experience melaninated goddess