Dylan-Quinn Harris


I'm an author, artist, and director. I hope for the stars and stay in the clouds.

crackheads don't die, they just respawn at the next gas station lol #roachlife

"don't cut off your nose to spite your face" is a phrase I keep thinking so if that resonates with anyone, there's your #spiritualmessage

Yo, what is wrong with me? I'm making a comic, animated show, and writing three books, and now I wanna make a movie .... I need to stop lol #artist

It hurts, I know.
To look yourself in the eyes- it’s a chore.

You think something is wrong-it’s not, at least, not with you.

It’s hard, I know.

To look at the world through broken glass, the fragments take you away from the bigger picture.

you’re worried, I know.

you think you’ll never see it- you will.

The world is what you make it. take those fragments and make the world new.
When you’re done, it’ll look messy close-up.

You’re scared, I know.

Take a few steps back and see the world you made.
I promise it’ll be better than you’d ever expect.