Deondrae Wiggins


A wise man 🗡️

Honestly I feel like Cassie should sue the Hotel as well. If you had the footage this whole entire time and did nothing else with it then that should make you a accomplice.

Well at least that’s how I see it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I would love to know the statistics on how successful a marriage is (or isn’t) when the Woman gets on one knee and proposes to the Man compared to the traditional way.

Depending on the results should determine how we judge these occurrences.

It seems like everywhere you shop at in todays time there’s a tip jar there. In other words everyone is trying to squeeze a little extra coin out of the working man.

Just watched this on Netflix and I like it. It’s starts out slow and very comedic but it’s get very serious from Book 2 and Book 3.

Not the best film in the world but worth the watch.


This might be the craziest way I ever heard someone call someone else dirty.

“Glued with” what?? 😂

Watching these action packed movies and I got to thinking.

How come stunt doubles don’t have a category at the Oscar’s?

Granted I still wouldn’t watch the Oscar’s if it did but what’s the reasoning for leaving them out?

There’s interesting dialogue going on about that brother who got fired for allowing little girls to braid his hair and paint his nails.

One side felt like he was just bonding with his students.

The other side felt like it was inappropriate.

Its been about 770 something days since Will Slapped Chris Rock.

I’m mad because Chris said the only reason he didn’t swing back is because his parents don’t approve of him fighting in front of White folks.

For some reason I feel like he’s lying.

Dear Gov Kathy Hochul,

You mean to tell me if I were to travel to the Bronx New York right now with a computer in my hand that a population of almost 500,000 Black people wouldn’t be able to identify it? 🧐

I just don’t know what else to say.🤦🏾‍♂️

Since Covid everyone and their mother has a podcast. Heck I’m willing to bet somebody titled their podcast “everyone and their mother has a podcast podcast”.

Kendrick has always been a better lyricist than Drake and I’m not about to argue that with nobody.

Now make hit records is a different story. I still prefer K Dot funk/jazz influenced sounds over that pop/alternative sound Drake raps over.

You know inflation is real when you look at Big name brands and compare them the generic brands and the only difference about 30cents.

A lot of these companies are real slick when it comes to giving raises. They only want to pay your more so you can do more work. When in reality they should be paying more for the exceptional job you are already doing.

NFL draft nights always bring start this long drawn out conversation about interracial dating in the Black community.

SOME of these brothers are going to date and marry out while MOST of them will date and marry Black.

Data backs this up. 🤵🏿‍♂️👰🏿

The fact that many people drive in the rain at the same speed they do when the weather is dry, tells me that they don’t care about their lives or anyone else’s. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between TMZ and Worldstar with the way they cover random brawls that involve Black folks.

Now I don’t like them kids fighting at spring break events but what does that have to do with Celebrities? 🤔

If you ever get bored enough to read the comments on your Ringer app you would realize that ppl stay loosing their cats and dogs.

The be like “My Tuxedo colored PITBULL just ran away for home. If you see it contact me.”

Me: “What ran away?”

Maybe it’s the city I’m in but how come my Hospital visitors pass photo always look like a Hidden Character box on Mortal Kombat?

Dear Politicians,

If you insist on using chicken restaurants to placate to Black voters then why not go to a Black owned franchise?

Cookout and Chic-fila don’t need no more publicity. They got enough. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Students need to keep their hands off teachers and teachers need to stop trying to have sex with students.

If OJ wasn’t willing to say he did it on his death bed then that brother probably didn’t do it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I honestly have no problem with what J Cole did. I mean how many rappers have we lost in the history of Hip Hop over words on a instrumental? The answer is too many.

What’s wrong with a brother taking the high road? 🤷🏾‍♂️

I got stop giving out 5 stars automatically to these Uber/Lyft drivers. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate you trying to get me to my destination in a timely manner but remember this isn’t the Daytona 500.

Whenever you get a chance watch this. It’s a nice 10 episodes of excellent aninmated and melanated Story lines. It’s about 15 minutes per show so you definitely can binge this whole thing in like 2 and half hours. Its on Disney + by the way.

So these celebrities all have a wild story about the time they went to one of Diddy’s parties but only want to mention it now.

My question who else out of your famous friends has a party like he’s or similar? And why are you being quiet about it? 🤔

In the year 2024 why are they still people on social media typing whole sentences in ALL CAPS?

You are yelling at us for no reason.

Me: *minding my own business*

Random man: “Ayo, welcome to the crew my G”. 🤝

Me: (Thinking to myself) “Did I just get signed to a record label?” 🤔

Carlee Russel has to pay back 17 grand … a half a year of probation .. continue counseling and a bunch of community service hours. Got it.

Some debating on wether or not she should do jail time.

Meanwhile she STILL didn’t explain why she did it. 🤦🏾