Have yaw seen this family?!

Anthony Thompson Jr. - a Black 17 years old high school student - killed by police inside of Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, US, April 12, 2021.

KIDS!! These mfs are on an agenda, you can’t convince me of any thing else.

Full details in the article:

Rest in Power to this young King.

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Dear Mario:

I feel ABSOLUTELY the same as you do about the police "having an agenda!" What else can it be? And they're SO BOLD AND BLATANT WITH/IN THEIR BEHAVIOR!!! And the kicker is that these police with guns are getting away with this shyt about 95% of the time!!

I feel SO HOPELESS about this situation, like there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that we can do about it!! And from what I can see, they're becoming more and more AGGRESSIVE than EVER BEFORE!!!

Something NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!! But what?!!!

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To be honest, in my personal opinion, the Black community in America HAS to stop be so nice!

I hear folks always say they're so "hurt" and xyz... well TAKE ACTION! I know it may sound "radical" but FUCK THAT!

Police are killing us left and right. These racist white media outlets smear Black names to justify the murder. Won't anything stop until its a revolution.

Yeah, yeah!! That thought is DEFINITELY in the back of my mind!! I've been hearing of this sort of thing from black men saying "there are more of us than there are of them!!"

Sometimes I think that's ALL JUST TALK, but I know that that's WHAT'S COMIN'!! And when I think of a revolution/revolt, blacks usually burn down and revolt against BLACKS (businesses) and not the oppressor!!!

This white man is SEVERELY PUSHING US IN THAT DIRECTION!!! It's coming!!!! But when??!!! I know that this is truly what's needed, but it is kinda SCARY when I think about this!!!!!!!!!!!

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The white man is FORCING OUR HAND in this situation with killing our Black men!!!