"Power is not a mistake

out of which the powerful can be educated.

it's not a misunderstand

and it's not a disagreement

and what that means is

justice cannot be won

by rational argument

by moral exhortation

by personal transformation

or spiritual epiphany

Power is won by taking power away from the powerful

and dismantling their institutions."#quote

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And by taking power away from the powerful BEGINS WITH US, OUR ACTIONS AND OUR ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

This can be gained through EDUCATION, AWARENESS, etc..............

This is just like putting one foot in front of the other!!!!!!!!!


I would add courage and sacrifice

there are a lot of educated cowards in our midst

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Unchained Tiger:

Please expound on your opinion of "educated cowards!" I would like to know the full extent/gist of what you are referring to! It sounds VERY interesting!

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Information alone doesn't motivate people to act

people have to have the courage to act on that information

fear paralyzes people

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You're SO RIGHT!!! There are SO MANY adjectives that can be added to this list!!! I just STARTED IT OFF!!!!

I've come to learn in the last 10-15 years that "IGNORANCE" TRUMPS ALL AND EVERYTHING!!! EVEN AND MOST CERTAINLY, EDUCATION!!!!

We've ALL heard of "the EDUCATED FOOL!!!!" And this AIN'T NO LIE/JOKE!!!!!!

A person's socioeconomic, educational level and/or background are of NO IMPORTANCE when it comes to IGNORANCE!!!