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Hey Y’allllll! It’s been a longggggg ass time. So much has changed. I went to college, moved into my own place, cut all my hair off, all types of sh*t. I missed yallllll?? don’t disown me??

OK come through! Giving very much 2021's New and Improved Naomi Campbell??

I love new ideas, the same recycled themes get old! I'll definitely be tuning in!

If you want to support a black author, I'm posting my book as a weekly newsletter to generate revenue. I'm a nonbinary person, unemployed by the pandemic. I'm also a stage musician, though I play a wind instrument so public shows aren't open to me yet. The first 4 letters are already posted, and the monthly subscription is $7/month, $70/year. Because of the length of my project, this may end up being multiple physical books. There are 10 multicultural queer main characters and mythical creatures. https://xumat.substack.com...

When being judged based on the color of your skin actually pays off....

No fr, im not nervous or nun?

im gonna start posting my art here, the vibes are 1000x better

My face when i see yall visiting my profile but not following...its beef?? (im playing)

We need to follow each other real quick so that when the newbies come in we gon be on the 'suggested' list..... If there will be one lol

The energy? Immaculate *chefs kiss* I need the app atp

I know kiki, Talia, arica, Jimmy, suuyra of the back of my head now cause how frequent they are on my TL lol

Its the " *blank* visited your profile" for me? if yall like me already say that

YEAH... IG & Twitter can gtf im verified hoe ?????

If you see me visiting your profile? Mind your business?

Heavy on the "give Blkem that same energy"? this is going to be as big as any of those other platforms as long as we put in the effort.

First of all, we want to welcome the TONS of people that were joining Blkem while we slept. Got us cracking up! Now we have much more work to do in verifying your BLACKNESS.

So please bear with us and you will be notified when you get that brown checkmark!

Our goal is to assist in building the Black community, just as those plantation platforms, FB/IG, Twitter, SnapChat etc...would for theirs.

Mobile app is coming very soon to include new features on this platform so please bookmark this site and engage with each other at least 2 - 3 times a week. Give Blkem that same energy.


as we should! Twitter came in clutch with the promo?

In response flo millie :) to her Publication

Ya'll caught us off-guard. LOL Woke up to this! We are verifying now. Please bear with us!