The Parallel Paths Podcast - Sacral Chakra
- in our series of going through the chakras, we take our journey to the Sacral Chakra which rules our water element and characteristics like expression, creativity and sexuality. Watch the episode now on

Peace Peace,
I have made my journey to Afrika and I am looking for a community to be apart of that is about advancing the spiritual growth of the black diaspora. If you are located in Tanzania, or know anyone who is located in Tanzania, id like the opportunity to connect. Specifically if you are in the Dar Es Salaam area. Asante sana family

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I opened up my services in my private gym in Long Beach this month! I encourage anyone who has a passion and a goal to do yourself the honor of keep yourself accountable and stay consistent. To Celebrate , im also giving new clients a package to have the full experience of my services including Weight Loss /Body Fat Lose/ Toning, Building muscle, Yoga or Meditation, Muscle Tension Therapy, and A Meal Plan. Message me for more details.

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It is a guide to starting your fitness journey with essential fundamentals and the right mindset. Part of our experiences here on Earth is to expand our minds and grow to obtain true awareness. Share with anyone who you think will benefit from this information. Peace & Power ???

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Year of Empowerment is starting and I will help anyone with their fitness goals. we cannot afford another year of faith " i hope" living. lets be doers and make the change within ourselve so we can be better soldier for out community ??

Before we set goals, lets make sure our spirits intact first.

Grand Risings and Good Afternoon!
Im starting a 60 day challenge the 1st week of January. All people who sign up for the 60 day Challenge will have their own personal goal and a set goal for the end of the 60 days, the one who comes the closest to completing both goals will win a prize at the end of the program with products that are from black owned businesses. There will also be a donation that will be made to the winners choice of black owned business as well ! Information on how to sign up will be coming within the next couple days and the event will start on MLK Day January 18th.

Today is Kujichagulia and the second oday of Kwanzaa. Lets make sure that withing thisday, we practice our divine rght to think and create in ways that'll push not only our self-awareness and our power, but to uplift and continue to build within our communities.

I will help anyone start their Health and Fitness journey. It is my calling on this Earth to be a healer in any way I can. If you are seeking or if you know anyone seeking to develop their vessel and build healthy habits, send me a message or email me at -Blessings

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Training your body is also a sense of meditation and can be very theraputic. Find your calm in your life and master it to the best of your ability ?? #mindset

Lets keep this same energy throught the year! Support one another. Educate eachother and build our communities to where the next generation can benefit and evolve the world around them. #supportblackbusinesses #generationalwealth #blackeconomics #leadwithlightandlove

I want to help people reach their fullest potential through fitness and overall wellness! If you jave a goal set in mind, lets work together to turn this year around to our favor ! dm me for more information ??