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Black Man Rooting For Us

I Don’t care if the whole world against you … If I’m down with you then they against me too!!!

The spirit of jealousy and envy doesn’t recognize you as a loved one … #staywoke

Always remember…. Someone’s effort is a reflection or their interest in you.

Up for work … just found out I gotta work over … I’ll be here 6 weeks 😐

Nobody cares about your story until you win … So win.✊🏾

They’re all good days … some are just better than others.

I think imma try to stop cursing this year … pray for me family cause I love cussin 🤦🏾‍♂️

If you love me, I wanna feel it more than you say it…

Note: You can talk to me until you're blue in the face... I'm still reading your actions that's where the truth resides.

Note: Never look back always keep your eyes forward and focus! Say what you want and don't doubt it, you'll get it! Believe that! The thought is the start of it all!

Thoughts: There's no competition. Respectfully, you can never be me and I would never want to be you.

Note: You can Give without Loving ... But you cannot Love Without Giving...