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You have free will to question the works of man, especially ones that DO NO have our best interest, as seen from history.

If someone have been lying and oppressing you for hundreds of years, it should not take us a few years to start believing them.

If you pay attention, you will see that what's going on now, is focused against the Black community and no others. There's a reason, we are more rebellious than other cultures and it's NOT because our culture is bad.


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I understand the facade that could be created in an attempt to use the church especially if the church as predominant older people but there is a new church on the horizon this one is not easily fooled. I am a preacher and I stand on my beliefs, my bible says lean not on the arms of men for they will fail you so trust a vaccine I think not, we remember the TUSKEGEE experiment and will not fall for that AGAIN. The days of trusting the oppressors have been gone and questioning authority is the new age church a educated millennial church. We all we got no more tokenism should be our rallying cry.

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For those who choose to believe, "Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness." Ecclesiasticus 12:10

Time to stop being like the Ostriches and get our headds out of the sand.