So now IG is saying they disabled our account because we have violated their terms.

What terms have we violated? Being Black? We had that account since 2020 and have not changed what we have been doing. Our followers are organic.

When you're unapologetically Black, they target you and this is a clear indicator that they are.

This is why, as a community, we lack the power structure, because we don't control these elements, so they can do what they want.

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

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In response Site Admin to his Publication

WOW!!!! So we apply pressure and stay consistent. This is just the beginning. Continue to build, stay consistent .

In response Susan Jackson to her Publication

Thank you! It’s really disheartening becuase we had strong content pertaining to us and them and now these W.S have taken action. It’s all good!

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In response Shiloh Cii to his Publication

For real bro!! A page that’s doing something for the community gets disabled? While nudity, racism, hate speech still exist. They are NOT our friends

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