A Black man’s purpose in life should be to protect the Black woman, perform tantric sex and reproduce

A black woman’s purpose should be to support the Black man, protect his spirit and bare his children

Ultimately bringing forth Life in a sound environment should be the primary goal

I am not against Tantric Sex but I am from the old school where as long as we having sex you can call it whatever you want....lol....I agree with all the principles you set forth and that is the makeup of a real man and woman. The problem is there is a huge difference in the young males today versus the ones from earlier times. I don't know if it is the absence of a Father in their lives or they have just been taught to devalue women from some obscure learning curve. I see young men of today more feminine than we what I remember growing up. I attempt to mentor some in the area in which I live

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Yea you can call it whatever you want but ultimately sex for the most part should be regarded as something intimate and sacred. Ppl be tryna imitate what they see on porn when porn is nothing but acting (literally). If you’re not connecting with your partner in the bedroom then you’re simply using eachother to masturbate which then leaves wider room for infidelity due to the lack of intention in the bedroom . & yes idk who raised these grown boyz