"Thought reform is not mysterious

It is the systematic application of psychological and social influence techniques

in an organized programmatic way

within a constructed and managed environment"#quotes

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"The goal is to produce specific attitudinal and behavioral changes." #quotes

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"The changes occur incrementally

without it being patently visible

to those undergoing the process

that their attitudes and behavior are being changed

a step at a time

according to the plan

of those directing the program." #quotes

"In society there are numerous elaborate attempts

to influence attitudes and modify behavior.

However, thought reform programs can be distinguished from other social influence efforts

because of their totalistic scope

and their sequenced phases" #quotes

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"...aimed at destabilizing participants sense of self, sense of reality, and values."#quotes

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"Thought reform programs rely on organized peer pressure,

the development of bonds between the leader or trainer and the followers,

the control of communication,

and the use of a variety of influence techniques." #quotes

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