It have been a rough few weeks, maybe a month with optimizing the platform as we were experiencing increased growth which slowed down the site immensely.

We are also working to improve the mobile application as there were some major issues.

It's not an easy road when there's little support, usage and resources to push these platforms out there but we are committed and would hope that our users are committed as well.

This journey is not a short one but with the necessary support, we will get there faster.

Thank you!


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I have been out of pocket as well, my smart phone went stupid and I had to factory reset it...smh. I have finally completed the TV station for streaming at my church with no help especially doing the manual labor but I am sure we all know how that goes. I am glad to say that we have 3 PTZ HD cameras installed and all equipment mounted still working on audio intergration but so far we are pleased with the results and we didn't have to hire any white advisors this was lead and carried out by me entirely through research and developemnt to implementation. I missed you Fam but I am back as wel

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Congratulations!!! and all by yourself. You teaching a valuable lesson. If we take the time to research and apply what we know, we can definitely make things happen. I'm assuming those who are not able to come into church will have access to video in?

We been working hard to stablize this platform and looking to increase engagement.


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Traffic have indeed died down a bit and I guess it's because people are not engaged as we think they should be. Let's hope I am wrong and that users are waiting for the app