These days, the videos reveal many things that we have to correct in order to move forward as a unit. 

We’re sure many of you have heard the plea when a Karen and/or ken, come out their shells to target our very existence. 

The distinct feeling you get when you hear one of us calling perceived authority figures sir/ma’am when we are being disrespected. It erks the very fiber from our bones hearing the respectful gesture in return for blatant attacks. 

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Why address them at all except to warn them to step off before they get maced or tased? We should be the ones dialing 911 saying We're being threatened or harassed, making sure we give a full physical description so the police will know who's the aggressor.

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Well, there's many people in the Black community that do not like cops or want to associate themselves with them so rather than call 911, addressing the situation right there and then is priority for them...we see this online, many many times.

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The chains that continue to keep us in bondage. Stockholm syndrome at its finest.

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We have to change this and we have to pay attention to what we are still holding on to...the things that pushes us forward a little just to pull us back a lot. 

The conditioned mindset is real and many times we subconsciously don’t know it!! 

Respect is earned..not given and not taken! 

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