Wait a min..so they're arresting people for being verbally racist now?

What happen to all those who have been verbally racist towards Black people with the N-word?

Do you see the lengths the media and these agencies are going to make this stick? We have NEVER got this specialized protection, specifically for us.

I continue to tell Black people, STOP supporting their businesses and focus on Black Owned. Don't think they're listening.


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😂...talk about having an agenda. 😂 So let me see if I got this straight. For every half dozen asians murdered by the hands of a white person...a person of color commits a hate crime?? 🤔 Is anyone one else doing the math?? Talk about dark forces fighting for their once upon a time stronghold. Evil's time is up...and sorry to say but...the fight will become even stranger. After all that blacks have endured in this country...you can now get arrested for calling someone a racial slur. How ironic. However...it might also be a part of the cleanup efforts. 🤷🏽

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It is really ironic how the tables have worked well in their favor and still, not ours!! LOL Some dark forces is right!

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The shame of it is we been asking for what they are now giving everyone else except us

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And it continues to happen. We really got no allies!

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