Going against everything that's anti-black, even your own. That's what being pro-black represents. In this case, Chenge was our own but he showed his face as being an ignorant spokesperson for white supremacy.

So now, he falls into that category of the lost cause. He falls into the category of politicians focusing on their own agenda and not ones that can assist in elevating the Black community.

Make no mistake that these antics are organized. They're organized to bring a rise out of us. Best believe they didn't get a rise though, because we were expecting it.


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Coon of the Week?...Yes, I love this. This is exactly what I like to see. I just read an article about why he wants to cancel BHM, the guy is an idiot. Our identity of being black is something that should never be muted or put on the back-burner. Our identity is incredibly important and will guide us in the right direction as a people. Ignorance of is self is one of the big reasons why we're in this mess. There's a reason why we have to make black-only platforms such as this one...

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Agreed. It's crazy to see that these people do exist and they're coming with nothing but destruction to our community. These sleepercells in our community need to be exposed but it seems like, give them enough time, they will expose themselves!

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What he is going to learn is the same thing all the coons before him learned. They will use you until they no longer need you and then toss you out...Coonism 101

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Clearly stated! Coon 101! They going to learn the hard way...every single time!

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