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Not good. Spent all day watching my one year old while my wife and mother in law ran a garage sale. I did the online sales and got scammed. Feel really dumb and angry, talked to Cashapp and it doesn't seem like I'll get our money back.

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you know Gina my wife. just letting the community know what time it is. 🤣

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I don’t know…I’d have to know more details. I’ve been married for almost 18 years and sometimes people want too much. I had to tell my wife that I’m not helping her bring back slavery.

Is that what they call em?🤣🤣 I thought they were “wifebeaters” lol

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The hoochie daddy tops?? 🤣🤣🤣

Lol I’m conflicted right now🥴
Part of me is like “ok cool Will stood up for his wife #protectblackwomen

Then the other part of me is like, “this man just slapped tf out of another Black man for all of white, black yellow and brown America to see🥴

In fact, Will was actually laughing at first until he noticed his wife wasn’t laughing then he decided to do what he FELT like needed to be done for Jadas sake. See we always using our “feelings” instead of logic. Now Will gotta sit through this shxt in shame & embarrassment

A Black tribe/community is so necessary for us. A tribe where we just all show up for eachother. If one woman’s husband isn’t around to help, another woman’s husband comes to your aid. If one wife is tired/sick & doesn’t feel like cooking or needs help with the kids, the wife next door can bring food & watch over the kids simply bc we all have that #Respect & #communion with eachother

If you’re going to casually call a woman you like “wife” be ready to prove yourself as a husband, or simply keep the labels to yourself. Men be super quick to call a woman their wife but don’t even know if they equip to be a husband fr. Wanna put labels all on the woman as if his role ain’t the most important

Calling someone your wife BEFORE [showing] them you’re equipped to be a husband is actually a form of manipulation. It’s a way men try to get you to commit & remain loyal off their words bc they know a lot of women are moved by just words & wishful thinking…I’m not a lot of women

Both Brandon Marshall & his wife struggled with anger management & are now mental health advocates who create a safe space for younger & older adults dealing with mental health. That’s goals!

One thing about pastors, is they gone have them a beautiful wife all while tryna convince ppl ‘looks don’t matter it’s the heart’. So why y’all never married to unattractive women with good hearts?😩

I know it a great week coming up to all the wonderful men who has helped children. I am sendingna sponge cake recipes for the wife

"He ??who finds a Wife?? will obtain favor from God"
?Men stop playing games and find yourself a Queen ? so both of you all can obtain some favor from God. Walk with a purpose while you're here on earth ? ?????????

my wife does it all, this is a freestyle she did gel or acrylic idk the diffrence shit raw af tho ? fwh rs

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