@verifiedthegame made Cosmopolitan's list again as#16 out of the 20 Board Games for Adults That Will Keep You Up All Night! They even said friendships will be ruined. But that's just the price you all pay. Is that true with 'Verified' 🤔🤣😂


We talk about supporting black owned businesses, but most of us do not. We need to learn consumerism. The same way you go to Walmart everyday is the same way you need to be supporting a black owned business. We know when you go into stores your mind doesn't say "look for black owned products", however we must subconciously start to readjust to make a difference. We all play games, but most of us will go into Walmart and buy Uno or traditional playing cards; Why not grab 'Verified' and support black own. https://www.verifiedthegame.com

Time to play 'Verified'. Here we go....What two artist did the first Verzuz battle on IG? Grab your game here www.verifiedthegame.com #cardgames #gamenights #blackowned #fun #party

*NEW CARD ALERT* Time to play 'Verified'. This video of Lil Yachty getting his hair done had everyone saying, "Not the..." Think you got it? Comment below.... www.verifiedthegame.com

We want to thank all those platforms who have featured 'Verified' on them. We hope more people invest in black, especially in the gaming industry. >>> www.verifiedthegame.com #blackowned #buyblack #shopblack #cardgames #gaming #gamenight

When playing a game who is the first person to take the game left? Grab your 'Verified' card game here >>> www.verifiedthegame.com #blackowned #blackbusiness #cardgames #games #verifiedthegame #buyblack

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