"The difference between BlackPower and WhitePower is that true Black power is about uplifting encouraging building not belittling degrading destroying. Let's check our ways toward each other as we practice what we preach check self if following ways of them we claim to abhor" Kuwpa #quotes

In response True Black Power to his Publication

Im so glad you said this because insta accounts like: "upliftingblackculture" or "celebratingblackculture" are ran by non-black people who have agendas of misleading us en masse. And so few of us are aware of this

My playlist be going from oldies to spirit uplifting to ratchet all within miniutes … but the beats be blending …. master mix

Share this song with someone who could use an uplift of spirit. Blessings.


When We Gone Change Audio Video Prod. AKA NatWay x Rockamill - YouTube

Here is the latest track produced by myself and Rockamill. Shoutout to Neila for laying the vocals down! if you like it...please share it. Let's normalize po...

Good day great time to spend with family and do some cooking. We have to continue in prayer and uplift the name of Jesus Christ. He is our only deliverer

I am in brooklyn and people, coworkers giving appreciation for blkem and the followers that is supporting the communities. With the grace of God where ever we are located we will continue to support and uplift

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I agree that we definetly have to come together and uplift ourselves (each other) physically and spiritually.

Black People in Africa are not the minority, but anti black narratives from white people in Africa still effect black people in the Diaspora negatively. In Germany ive seen many times how these stories are collected and used to diminish our voices on discrimination.

We cant wait for others to save us, but we should care for each other, in my opinion.

Currently releasing the shit that no longer uplifts me and replacing it with value.

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exactly , but sad to say we wont ever get as long ass were in bed with WHITE SUPREMCY .. our ppl need to RE•Member who they were to uplift this curse

***** if your seeing this , this is a reminder *****
Your issues are not the other issues of the world.
Find your positive and be KIND to others.

Reposted fromnewera_dmv This one is for the Queens ?? Tap in ladies of DMV! Let’s get together to uplift each other & enjoy some good company ?


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Instead of silencing white supremacy, why not dismantle them and their base. Free speech should NOT be tolerated when it incites violence and racism towards people, especially the Black community, in which many individuals on these plantation platforms do.

They target the Black community when we're uplifting ourselves. They target us because we want a fair shot at what their ancestors have forcefully taken. They target us just because we're Black.

What are FB/IG, Twitter and Clubhouse doing about them. NOTHING!

Today is Kujichagulia and the second oday of Kwanzaa. Lets make sure that withing thisday, we practice our divine rght to think and create in ways that'll push not only our self-awareness and our power, but to uplift and continue to build within our communities.

Happy holidays to all of you my sisters and brothers.May the ancestors keep us all and guide us in ways that uplift us to a higher level of understanding.

This is one of my local favourite black owned munches. These are the kind of businesses we need to continue to support and uplift. Those that work with others to help give back to the community. Share this around.

"After Hours have team up withjeremiahasiamah andreeceparkinson from BBC1 Xtra who have funded a Free Christmas Meal & Drink on Christmas Day 12-5PM!.
Please Spread The Word & Make Someone’s Christmas ??"

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