day four of training USAA is intense. i feel like i shouldve stayed with ferguson. 😭🤦🏾‍♀️ fml. i need pass my licensing and do this damn BG check.

I need my ppl especially my BROTHAS to understand that we are BUILT LIKE THAT. Start taking your training serious. Yt ppl gotta train YEARS for shxt that we can do in 2 days! You don’t know how strong & powerful you are bc you aren’t TRAINING. God was very intentional when he created US bc he knew folks was going to try it for no reason. & here we are falling for they trap. Stop that!

In response True Black Power to his Publication

It is pretty clear that the idea/process is worthy.... which IMHO immediately poisons standard/system funding possibilities. The ultimate faulting the program for its imminent failure could be tied to the lack of funding/training. Would be nice to find a few ligit #BlackAngles

Just a lost young man in rage waving a gun with his pants sagging below his ass barely able to walk…our community needs healing & proper training cause this is just embarrassing

Turns out I had a kidney stone (one of the worse pain a human can have) so all those nurses are going to get their karma for their lack of training, negligence and care for a patient that literally felt like they were dying🤲🏾

Please take a look at what this organization is doing. There are people out there who are working, we just need to shed more light on these progressives..

"The Brotherhood Unified for Independent Leadership Through Discipline (BUILD) Program provides targeted violence prevention/gang intervention, high-risk Incident response, comprehensive public safety training, community mobilization, and cooperative activism to numerous cities across the United States and across the globe."

#blkem #B1 #safety @go_61b61d049fc50

IRON SHARPENS IRON 2021... training and learning with friends

I just figured out (actually it was on Laura Ingraham last night) why there has not been more media hype and hysteria about the 11 armed militiamen who were picked up the other day on their way to "training".

And the media missed a great opportunity to add fuel to the PHONY JANUARY 6 INSURRECTION HYPE.

For the next 3 weekends, millions of folks around the globe will be participating in the annual CrossFit Open. This is a fun but challenging series of workouts that are served across all fitness levels and equipment options.

Check out these videos below for more info and Like and comment to let me know to add you to my free training group.

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today my job had a training for a new 911 response that sends out a professional crisis worker instead of police for mental heath crisis situations?

An absolute great opportunity for young black boys between the ages of 16 - 24. Through this opportunity you'll be able to access training, mentoring and get some great advice via Aspiring 2 Be’s project called "Black Boys Can Be".......Please share and forward to your family, friends and contacts. Or, why not just sign up right away!! https://www.surveymonkey.c...
Please help us promote this Black Boys Can Parent Webinar on Wednesday 24 & Saturday 27 February. Many thanks.

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Week 6 of the Strength Training Program
Basic Progressions are out of the way. Now is the time to work ?
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