NO MORE PUMP AND DUMP! Bc of Roe vs Wade, and the payment of child support at 15 weeks of pregnancy, many women will now become Pump and Dumpster!

Kevin Samuels Memorialized At The BET Awards & Guess Who's Cyber Slurping His Corpse While Trolling? - YouTube

Donate To The Xyayx Institute Via Paypal: From The Garden Products: https://xfromthegarden.comDo...

Yes, In Florida and few other states, child support begins at 15 weeks of pregnancy.

They overturned Roe fellas...get ready for hard core child support laws and Not using a condom. They might ban birth control too.

They overturned Roe fellas...get ready for hard core child support laws and Not using a condom. They might ban birth control too.

I haven't sent a cent to #Ukraine , nor will I. I wish them well, but my attention and support goes to the #africandiaspora Particularly #sudan , #southsudan and #AfricanAmericans Ukraine never cared about us. So it would be foolish to put them over my people.

Just made an update to my campaign. Spent a few hours doing some math and messing around with numbers. I've got rough estimates of how the budget will be spent, from marketing, distribution, and websites to recording studio equipment and rental space. Please share this around everywhere you can with everyone you know, It'll help a lot. Thanks so much to those who have donated so far. I really appreciate you and I'm grateful for your support. #TrueSoundzEntertainment #TSE #TrueSoundzTakeover #IndependentRecordLabel

@TheWrittener99 so if artists come to you wanting in, where do you go from there? How will you sell them on your vision so they don’t think it’s a “waste of time”? Cause unfortunately our ppl lack trust & want to see tangibles before they support something

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I say leave that to the ppl. If one month they wanna give $100 and the next $20 then after that $5, it’s all still support & better than nothing. Maybe set reminders & updates so they don’t forget about you. But always leave it open to them. You can say something like “accepting monthly donations, no amount is too small, every dollar brings us a step closer to reaching our goal” etc etc

I support it King! 💪🏾 I think it’s dope. If the white labels can do it why tf can’t you?!!

The strong urge in me to send this to an old situation to get him on board since he’s extremely talented & up n coming but he prolly hates my guts😭

I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could go and donate to help fund my record label. I have big plans for True Soundz Entertainment but I need help getting things off the ground. Please share this everywhere you can, it would help out a lot. Thanks so much.

Despite wjat happen in SC, I'm still fighting for reparations & ilI'm still supporting those who do as well.

Good morning. The grind continues.

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The promotion AND the fact that a white man tried to trademark Juneteenth have both been canceled.

Support https://www.socreamaliciou... instead.

liquidwizdom is their ig page. If you’re in atlanta plzzzzz support them. They make extremely bomb seamoss Drinks✨

Mind you, I chose to drive there on my own. He didn’t tell me to come pick up anything, so I wasn’t expecting anything free out of no one. I just wanted to know when the next time he’d be out there with them good ass drinks lol. But as a Black business that values his customers, he took it upon HIMSELF to compensate me for even showing up & supporting & so ima KEEP supporting🤍

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