In response Qween Jean to her Publication

You know, its crazy but I was just at dollar general and this black couple were so IN LOVE and you could tell. the man was hugging all over his lady the whole time they were shopping, he was singing to her, and even told everyone in the store that she was the love of his lfie


Bishop Talbert Swan
Rather than ban assault rifles to protect children in schools from violent, demented, mass murderers, mostly white men, Congress, mostly white men, would rather arm teachers, mostly white women, to engage the killers, because police, mostly white men, are afraid to.

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Key Purchasing Decisions 74.9% of women identified themselves primary shoppers for their households, https://girlpowermarketing...

Lol when you haven’t gone grocery shopping so you throw whatever’s in your fridge together

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

Girl. I always feel under-dressed. It's like a fashion show and most people dont even be there shopping they just be walking around , like this ain't no park ?! You taking up all the couches and charging your phones , the wifi not even that great to be chillin in there for that long

hello blkem!! i want to hear from you out there on the internets.

what video topics/themes do you want me to do next?
what membership rewards on my ko-fi page should i offer?
what products you would buy if i added them to your Ko‑fi Shop?
who do you want me to collab with next?
what exclusive content you should share?

thanks for taking time to communicate with me what you think i'm missing on my social media platforms! i'm here to educate, share myself, but also make y'all happy too!

I never understood the idea of leaving your kids in the car while you shop. Like I don’t get it…

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