When most of your interactions with a person have been transactional & ego based but they’re preaching about having “genuine, non transactional relationships with others”.

Which is why being attached is dangerous bc then it’ll be nearly impossible to offer up space to a love one to self reflect . Gates is using his space & time poorly by using other women to fill a void, while Dreka is literally using her time to evolve & better herself. A man’s ego is what ruins solid relationships

Ship are designed to transport people or things so your relationShips, friendShips or kinShips should be taking you somewhere or bringing you something.

also, while you alr here, lemme tell you heffas something: BLACK FEMMES ARE NOT YOUR FUCKING SEX TOYS. we deserve relationships,l and true genuine feelings. you not just finna keep fucking on us and think shit sweet, don’t pmo fr.

In response Dani Darling to her Publication

Scorpio Asc - This eclipse is in your place of relationships, love, and sexuality. Expect shake ups in your love life boo. Trust that whatever comes up is in for your highest good. Try not to react right away. There is a lush energy regarding your creativity, and fertility - govern yourselves accordingly my loves! #astrology #eclipse #scorpio

In response Dani Darling to her Publication

Libra Asc - This eclipse is in your place of deep connections, other people's resources, death. Expect to see consequences of your closest relationships (good or bad). There is a deep well of healing for you during this time that can help assist whatever your loved ones bring into your life. #astrology #eclipse #libra

In response Dani Darling to her Publication

Virgo Asc - This eclipse is in your place of the higher mind, travel, and higher learning. Expect surprises or signs regarding your beliefs, your experiences, travel, and higher learning. Your relationships should offer some refuge if these themes seem heavy. #astrology #eclipse #virgo

Once people understand that reciprocity REAL reciprocity generates better relationships/friendships, they'll start giving more. People really out here thinking receiving is the ultimate blessing when giving + receiving is where the fulfillment lie

I want to feel inspired by ppls relationships, not afraid of them❗️

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More & more men talking polygamy but never open relationships 😮‍💨

your relationships, friendships and kinships should have a purpose. Give a hammer to a carpenter you get a structure give a hammer to a child something will come up broken.

Unless you receive a confirmation from God (IF u do) that person u desire may not be THE ONE. Ppl be claiming they want God at the center of their relationships, but out here choosing their own partners outside of Gods will. Or be praying for a certain person & instead of waiting, they move on their own accord not realizing they just jeopardized the entire relationship bc they went against Gods timing. If God ain’t say it or answered u, keep it gangsta & keep it moving

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