sorry about the abrupt ending! it was bound to happen, finally lost some footage or thought i recorded stuff that didn't record.. other than that this is showcasing the pet shop boys. this band has a huge catalog and spans decades. the focus i'm putting on here are songs that encourage and empower me through those hard times!


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"When powerful predators aren’t held accountable, they don’t stop."

Dr. Caroline Heldman

for white people to maintain

their unnatural hold on power

they need to keep us in either a state

of perpetual confusion or perpetual coercion

white people take brutal measures

to maintain their unnatural hold on power

preying on other human beings

makes white people feel powerful

there i was, making a target run after going to physical therapy......unsponsored(hehe).....everything was going normal. until i got back into the parking lot by powered scooter as usual for me and was approached by this hispanic middle aged man....the goth life includes having hecklers and learning how to deal with them. click to learn what happened next.


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Replied to Jasmine Love's Post

Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey (Volume 1 & 2), Destruction of Black Civilization: Chancellor Williams, Medical Apartheid: Harriet Washington, Introduction to African Civilizations: John G. Jackson, The Maroon within Us: Dr. Asa Hilliard, Powernomics: Dr. Claude Anderson, Set the World on Fire: Keyshia Blaine, Character Building: Booker T. Washington....

One of the most Powerful things you can do each day is make a Decision. # Those who lack the Power to Decide will have their choice made for them.

"those in power

do not fear you

as you are,

they only fear

what you may become."#quote

Rebuilding and maintaining the Afrikan family unit is revolutionary work. It’s been targeted for generations...because it’s powerful.

"We are in a race war and we are the only ones that don't know it."

Dr Bobby Wright

"if we are to end white racism then we must end white power"

Dr Amos Wilson

"white people have destroyed everything we have

and they don't want Black people to know"

Dr Aruna Khilanani

"Racism is an act of war"

John Trudell

"colonialism is unrestrained predation

it uses power to assert eurocentric and western dominance

and justifies control

over the resources and the people

by legitimizing violence"

Dr Aruna Khilanani

blessed rising✨ today will be a great day. we have the power to overcome any obstacle that may get in our way. 🤎

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