Reverse engineer what you was taught about business you don't sell to people what you are passionate about you sell to them what they are passionate about. When feelings match opportunity it's much easier to capitalize.

Peace Peace,
I have made my journey to Afrika and I am looking for a community to be apart of that is about advancing the spiritual growth of the black diaspora. If you are located in Tanzania, or know anyone who is located in Tanzania, id like the opportunity to connect. Specifically if you are in the Dar Es Salaam area. Asante sana family

Most “celibate” ppl would fold if the opportunity was in front of them. If you can resist the temptation that’s right in front of you then you can confidently say you’re celibate lol A suspected white supremacist spectator saw an opportunity to headbutt a black professional wrestler. The brother rightfully had to lay hands on the guy. This was not scripted.

Universe please present the opportunity for me to never work outside my field again. 😮‍💨

If you make a wrong choice, God will correct it. Stop waiting around bc you FEEL like you should cause that “feeling” could be dead wrong. Take advantage of every opportunity cause u never know

As a people we have to ask ourselves are we Predators or Scavengers. A predators in the animal kingdom will create an opportunity for themselves while a scavenger has to wait for that opportunity to be presented to them. This is not our cup that we are drinking from let's go find us a SOURCE.

If you can get to the table PLAY TO WIN you never know who else Opportunity is attached to your success.

In response unchained tiger to his Publication

"and why many cultists leave their groups

if they spend a substantial amount of time

away from the group

or have an opportunity

to discuss their doubts with an intimate" #quotes

I understand some of the outrage about the Texas law being passed but at the same time this an opportunity to start teaching and learning our own History without the oppression. We have stop allow them to tell us about us why would we give them that power. Facts are Facts but what people believe is what they move on. Teach your children self esteem before you poison them with their history.

I just figured out (actually it was on Laura Ingraham last night) why there has not been more media hype and hysteria about the 11 armed militiamen who were picked up the other day on their way to "training".

And the media missed a great opportunity to add fuel to the PHONY JANUARY 6 INSURRECTION HYPE.

Sha’Carri Richardson lets WEED Ruin Track Star Opportunity || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett

#shacarririchardson #ShaCarri #wysiwyg

Sha’Carri Richardson lets WEED Ruin Track Star Opportunity - YouTube

Let's discuss and debate the implications of track athlete failing drug test ( tests positive for marijuana). We can also address the black people and drug a...

Not every opportunity that is presented is for you and not every smile means you good, do not be decieved by outward appearances, look beneath! #Goodmorning

Online Hustle Opportunity - Start an Online Business

You can take advantage of both opportunities and start your own online business. And if you do not have the expertise to set it up and get started, we will do all the backend work for you so you can just start earning money. Choose from one of the following business ideas below:


"When you give an abuser forgiveness,

they view it as giving them permission,

they don't view it as an opportunity

to change their behavior in a meaningful way." #quote

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