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Thanos is black. We're the true superheroes. thats why we need to tap back into nature and our spiritual powers. they take true stories about us then whitewash them. Thats why they put all truth in movies so we dont take it seriously

On this week's episode, a special panel examines the impact of "Nostalgia Culture" in popular media, by asking the question 'Why are so many TV Shows/Movies reboots, remakes and re-imaginings?' #thatsthescenario #TV #movies #streaming

Van and a special panel examine the impact of "Nostalgia Culture" in popular media, by asking the question 'Why are so many TV Shows/Movies reboots, remakes and re-imaginings?'

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I wish they’d have kept it up with the immediate streaming of movies when they come out. I hope eventually get with the program.

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Been so busy, haven’t even seen the advertisement for any movies lol Thanks

Spike Lee is a whole genius for turning a singular new york block into its own world for the movie Do The Right Thing. This is one of my favorite movies man.

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I fully agree with you Crime/enslavement stories seem to get the most funding in movies/series while in the news our trauma is displayed most during election years to sway voters. Thats why I think its so important that we create our own production companies to control the narrative. I would really like to see someone like spike lee recreate something like the spook who sat at the door for current times or jordan peele make something about mansa Musa. Also on the news front its why I focus more on sharing black owned businesses/organisations more than anything because money talks

Im tired of seeing black trauma anywhere whether its social media, on tv, in movies or in the news. I don't think anything positive comes from viewing such things. We get how bad things are for us and for those that dont they probably never will or care too....

Just my two cents

And, as usual, some ppl in Hollywood know the truth and are sprinkling little tidbits every generation through movies ... THEY LIVE !

America & England!!

Hollywood has done an amazing job of skewering our peception of what 'aliens' are. Some 15 ft tall, green giants with odd shaped heads. ? Theres just no way.

If anything, they're from right here on this Earth.
Fact check me.

Reyna Love, model and budding actress, stopped by to discuss her latest project, Secret Society. The film is one of the top-watched movies on Amazon Prime. We chat with her about her journey into the film industry and much more.

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coming back to this neglected series on my youtube channel. let's go back to the tv goth representation series. this time we'll be talking about what we do in the shadows. and we'll also focus on the black indigenous and people of color in the show as well. the goth life is enjoying gothic themed media in the movies!
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Moving to America really was every kid’s dream growing up. We felt everything « American » was better and cooler. We’d watch MTV, American TV shows and movies, listen to American artists and wish we were there... ??????

black anime and manga should be a thing now right. but it's not as me being a black nerd in love anime manga superhero movies in comics for what I would love to see black anime black manga more black superhero movies more black comics ring by black people. I know a lot of great black anime and manga artists out there

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The idea that a perfect relationship comes from people who are classified as white. We see this in the movies. Almost all these movies show a white couple or an interracial couple.

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