I love trying new stuff, food and experiences especially.

for my cigar lovers and cognac drinkers.. bartender at my fav cigar lounge in ATL just put me on. yall need this one trust me

In response Caleel Woods to his Publication

Wow!! Love how you aknowledge the issue and are finding healthy resolutions.

yessss I love this 😂bowl a strike for me

Our bowling association is having a Western Cabaret 😅

My mom wanted me to come, she got me in cowboy boots and a hat 🤣

I’m just ready to drink my beer 🍺

Every so often I'm reminded how deeply I care for my niece and nephew. My niece (recently turned 1) is dancing to songs from Gracie's Corner and it's bringing me so much joy.

When my nephew was little, I remember my sister sent me a video of him walking while I was away in college and I cried. I still tear up when I start talking about him sometimes. He's 12 now and is so gentle with his little sister and I love it.

Can't imagine what it'll be like when I have kids of my own. My heart will be so full

@welove_ree girl you crossed my mind the other day. For some reason I had a random thought of that “angry bird” comment 😭

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Ooh I love a good wine! I recently had this deep Malbec, I’m obsessed!

At a bar, rum and coke, Long Islands, . At a restaurant, I love a lemon drop, wines, some type of fruity mixture Lmaoo

What’s your go to alcoholic drink?

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

I love strawberry icecream. Specifically Stawberry Haagen-Dazs 😊😊. But yeah, couldn't do mochi 😠.

In response Clarène Klarke to her Publication

you guys are KILLING MEEEE 😫 that’s my favorite one lmao. but I also love strawberry ice cream

In response Marian Watson to her Publication

Love me a cute drink … but of course depends on the setting cause a Long Island will do the job too

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