I’ve come to conclusion that… I don’t wanna work anymore lol. I enjoy my job cause I love kids, but working full time under someone else just doesn’t sit right with me🥴 . I want to be at hommmeee forever, or maybe work my occupation like 10hrs a wk or have 1 client I work with twice a week or sum

Kanye don’t really want Kim back. He’s just being a typical nigga that can’t take an L for his own wrongdoings..love him, but he’s being a nigga rn

Black Love=Life
2 Black bodies coming together=Life
All Black ppl should practice tantric sex

Remember..2022 is just an extension of the previous years that we have been discriminated and marginalized against.

While we expect the best this year, do not let your guard down, as there's always the worse, right around the corner.

Continue to love yourself and continue to push the Black community forward.

We look forward to sharing new updates and developments soon!

#2022 #blkem #B1

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3 Ways Stimulus Package Could Go In January | Pelosi's BIG Move | IRS Shocking NEWS - YouTube

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Just stopped by to say hello to everyone. It's been a crazy year & I can't wait for the mobile app to drop. I definitely want to be more active next year. Love all of you & stay blessed.

If Spielberg’s intention is to give America a sense of racial harmony in his remake of West Side Story, and to sway minority voters to the liberal side, his attempt will be futile. In fact, it will only push voters toward the conservative side. Here’s why.


In response MariYah Israel to her Publication

There is significant evidence that all mankind genus is BLACK that is why Ofay has put so much time and energy into creating the illusion that blacks are sub servant to other colored people, how bad I would love to insert the word RACE but there is but one race HUMAN we are just different skin tones.

What's good y'all? How's your Sunday going?

I got a question. What's your definition of success? What does it look like?

Answer one or the other if they are both different or only have a response for one of them. For me, success is me actually making a living being a writer/author/creator. Of course I'd love ship loads of money but I'd be comfortable with a livable wage to my standard.

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This is beyond late, but if you still love the hell out em I can help you purchase a pair!!

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