We'd like to interview a few people on how they managed life, post-divorce/break up. Please note.
This isn't designed to pit Black men and women against each other. We're discussing SOLUTIONS. Inbox us if you're interested. #love #relationships #Divorce

Hope everyone's having a great day. Get your money, finish your projects, love your life and LIVE IT 💯

I love me some Beautiful natural hair. I understand not all black women feel the same but still, why some black women are so afraid or even look down on natural will forever baffle me. Ive heard my own mama crack mean jokes about it and its crazy cause its our original hair

Greetings, good people!

Ashlee ofasquaredonline has invited ME to join her on a LinkedIn Live! We'll be talking about VAs and the virtual assistance industry...and if you know me...I can TALK about it!

We'd love the support and please feel free to share with VAs, people who wanna be VAs, people who have VAs, and people who are looking for VAs.

Please register at the link below.


I love my people and I will always support black owned businesses...but I simply cannot agree with selling a trucker hat for over $300....

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love the boondocks, no other show like it and never will be another 💪🏾🔥 #IAmTheStoneWhichTheBuilderRefused

definitely would love an accountability/FT friend. i need to lose weight and want to lose weight. 30 pounds by september. 🤔

My #daughter is learning to love #Blackdolls Teach them they're beautiful when they're young.

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OK so the next question, why colored and what did you use to color them? I’ve never made macarons, but I really love seeing this here.

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they didnt have a child wth them but I'm sure when they do it'll be nothing love and positivity. Thats what these kids need more than ever now

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You know, its crazy but I was just at dollar general and this black couple were so IN LOVE and you could tell. the man was hugging all over his lady the whole time they were shopping, he was singing to her, and even told everyone in the store that she was the love of his lfie

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