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Again, thats a false equivalency. But following that logic, as of the past 20-30 years we DID force smokers to stop smoking inside public institutions: restaurants, libraries, etc. If the choices of your body hurt/affect someone else, those rights are restricted.

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Libra Asc - This eclipse is in your place of deep connections, other people's resources, death. Expect to see consequences of your closest relationships (good or bad). There is a deep well of healing for you during this time that can help assist whatever your loved ones bring into your life. #astrology #eclipse #libra

So as a librarian I noticed that in most places of higher education, there aren't nearly as many black folk (and other minorities) as there should be in roles of leadership/administration. I want there to be more diversity and encourage our future children to be better off than us, paving a way for us to have that space. So my questions are, what do you like about going to the library? And aside from having more black librarians what are some changes you would like to see in your library?

Access is life's black card you don't have to own the books at the library to obtain the knowledge.

Manuscript is now ready for submission to 40,000 retailers, libraries and schools including major online book retailers ?
Under the Mental Health Act - my 911 is soon to become Yours, truly ??
Translation in French in progress to be true to how I would express myself in my first language rather than the words chosen by a Proofreader

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I invested in learning to automate my business so I could take more self-care days while helping my fellow Black community out of poverty, financial insecurity, and suffering. It's overwhelming being a Black woman in 2021 especially if you are strong, caring, a mother or just truly self-aware. Probably take more time to mentally recalibrate than anything these days. Know your truth and prioritize it. S.H.I.F.T in Progress! #OurSpace

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Wow recalibrate! yes that is very much needed especially in this season! One thing I do to recalibrate is to do a fast with the intention of gaining clarity and spiritual development (not necessarily for dieting). It doesnt have to be an extremely long period of time but when you do it is a BLESSING!

I would love to further connect with you and support your journey! ?

On the morning of New Year’s Day, I was asleep, but kept hearing the word recalibrate. It was so clear that I remembered the repetition of it after I was awake. I didn’t sit and ponder over it at the time, but later that day when I was reading my daily devotional, the writer also talked about recalibration. After sitting with it for a while, I realized that it was time for me to realign spiritually and make sure that my I am doing the internal work while I am doing the external work.

What do you do to realign and build yourself, spiritually?

We're not quiet, we're just recalibrating for the next BIG push. #blkem

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