These days, the videos reveal many things that we have to correct in order to move forward as a unit. 

We’re sure many of you have heard the plea when a Karen and/or ken, come out their shells to target our very existence. 

The distinct feeling you get when you hear one of us calling perceived authority figures sir/ma’am when we are being disrespected. It erks the very fiber from our bones hearing the respectful gesture in return for blatant attacks. 

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#blkem #blackfirst #karen #kens #Respect

bc dr. F already said it was bs. & bill gates & elon M. already admitted to the virus being a respiratory virus created to modify your DNA.. the mask literally weakens your lungs By breathing in heavy amounts of nitrogen 24/7.. just imagine the wear & tare on your respiratory system🥲..

We all know it's the other way around.
Images like this sickens me.
The way this "artist" pictured the#blackwoman is disgusting and#stereotypical ... I hate to see it.

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