WOWWWWW. Nah. That’s disgusting. Oh he’s foul.

Sigh. I forreal hope after “pimpn ain’t easy Yana” has her time, that you’ll reach a point where you feel safe again. Like have a guy who’s the real deal.

Shoot I’m wishing for a “healthy and real love” for myself too! 🙌🏽🙏🏽✨

In response Deondrae Wiggins to his Publication

I think I can. We would just be more focused on our local environment, maybe more local friends and family.

I like social media though, as it helps me meet new people from all walks of life and experiences. There’s DEFINITELY some downsides with mental health, and only showing highlight reels etc, but I’ve learned A LOT from the existence of social media

Gotta give my grandma some time , can’t cook today but will bring a healthy meal❤️

Adulting is spending the little time you have on your work lunch break to call your health insurance provider.

Y'all take a bite of whatever you're eating for lunch for me.

Taking care of your health (seeing professional) is all fun and games until you get a $$$ bills in the mail.

Healthcare startups scramble to assess fallout after Postmeds data breach hits millions of patients

Forward Health launches CarePods, a self-contained, AI-powered doctor’s office

I just think it's wonderful how our golden years are going to be sprinkled with a healthy bit of Sean Paul and Daddy Yankee

Why walking backwards can be good for your health and brain

It would be really cool to have just regular health and live life normally

In response Aliannaa Allgood to her Publication

I’m not entirely sure. I personally don’t think my attention can be split evenly in a situation like that. All power to the people who are in healthfully polygamous relationships though. Plus I’d probably get a little jealous

Scientists excited by AI tool that grades severity of rare cancer

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