They want everyone to get the jab because the next virus will be race-based and you must have certain ingredients that are in this vaccine in order for it to take effect. America and China are already working hard on this race-based virus. Well, guess who this is for? This is their final solution to the Black male super predator problem. Pookie and Ray Ray are going to get us all killed!

here we are, a catch up of fully what happened to my with my physical and mental disabilities in fall of 2019. grab a snack, get your chores or hair ready, it's another long one. those out there in youtube land who are also disabled lets kiki about it in the comments section, are you experiencing similar things in the u.s. healthcare system like i am? the goth life includes learning to be comfortable being a person outside of societies norms and being disabled puts you in that position.

God day all, I will continue to share healthy recipes

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He said we’re either going to spread the message, are we are going to “SPREAD” the virus ...

Proceeds go say , THE SKY IS FALLING & the only thing that can save you is a jab 👁... ( interesting)


How can any healthcare worker hear something like this and still be OK with murdering people.. the jab is obviously Working its INFECTED THE BRAIN of some ppl .They cant read under , between, or over the lines

“ convince people” or BRAINWASH PPL ???☹️!

You don’t think they know that people aren’t going to be free willingly letting people ta

Most of these doctors / NURSES did NOT want to get the jab ( trust me)
They only got it Bc they felt FORCED to . Their jobs were on the line “so they assumed” ... now!!! You see a whole lot of them trying to convince YOU “ohhh I took all 5 shots I’m okay and you should get it too”. 🧐

The whole health care institutions are contaminated and INFECTED.!!!

NANO BOTS IS flowing through your dam blood streams. ALTERING YOUR DAM DNA...


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Poisoning our kids with History??? This is where the actual problem begin, I truly believe that if we know our History, That should motivate us to once again prove all those negative stereotypes as a LIE! letting them know that laws was passed & policies created to keep us on the bottom of the social ladder, Being the father of 2 young women, I used every trick to motivate them to rise above all the obstacles they've faced inspite of all the Lies, Now both of them are working to become medical doctors with aspirations to open Health Clinics in the Black Community one day.

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it helps improve heart health, improve skin conditions, has protein , calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, deceease high cholesterol, high blood pressurr, reduce weight, reduce blood sugar and has many more benefits. drink lots of water when using

tolerating white supremacy

is like tolerating cancer

that is spreading through your body

corrupting and destroying

every healthy cell it encounters

until it kills you

"in a healthy society

love-bombing wouldn't work

people wouldn't be vulnerable to manipulation

by insincere acts of affection"

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I am not understanding why BLACK Americans can't see the forest for the Trees the white government officials are putting a lot of extra effort to push BIG PHARMA Agenda. This is a direct effort to get either a chip implanted in your body or get you hooked into the system where they will constantly make recommendations for your health like you need to get a booster shot sooner or later the TRUTH is going to surface. Meanwhile THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA have a shortage of vaccines in favt they are just getting the 1st shots while the European Ran countries have lotteries and gimmicks.

All I need is Loyal women on my team who are about building generational wealth. I'm doing my music and fighting. Investment in BLKEM and more to come.

Risk takers and women who are health oriented and knowledgeable of growing without allowing life to make you stagnant.

I'm here to give my all too you and build this tribe Mellarazion ⭐✨✨✨

A tribe full of colors Aboriginal and indigenous alike. Africa, Indians, and Asian, Aztecs ❤️

i preparing Ahead Sunday Lunch. i will post the recipes and a picture befor the veg Lasagna goes into the oven. Many times you can add different veg to accommodate the recipes. You also have to be the one who wants to start eating healthy. Please share with family, thats looking for a bit of a healthy lifestyle

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