This shxt so disturbing to me…
How do you introduce this type of stuff to your sons & expect them to grow up being well rounded, respectable, sincere, genuine, protective men that Love women??? Crying about getting played by dudes & how there’s no good men when you’re putting your own kids on the track to being JUST like that. There’s no good men/women bc there’s no good PARENTS. What don’t we get about healthy parenting???

Black men have been robbed of their youth, parental figures and healthy role models. Whether it be lynching, drugs, jail or other forms of violence. Black men are coping with abandonment and improper teachings. Black men need healing and safe spaces.

In response Mohammed Shakur to his Publication

weights while the belly is big.

I am not saying that you can't be fit during pregnancy. Your health is very much important. But when you're pregnant, it's no longer about you. It's about that life you're carrying.

Unnecessary strain and stress can do harm to the baby. Ease Up

It can happen. I was 214 a few months ago and now I am at 205. I am trying to get to 195 by the end of June. I've done it before, so it can be done.

What I do is count my caloric intake daily and stay below the required amount of 2078. I also hit the gym for cardio and weights to aid in weight loss but maintain muscle.

Remember, you can still eat junk food and lose weight but if you want a much more healthy lifestyle, then eating clean is the right way to go.

Keep going...looking forward to more updates.

here we are, a catch up of fully what happened to my with my physical and mental disabilities in fall of 2019. grab a snack, get your chores or hair ready, it's another long one. those out there in youtube land who are also disabled lets kiki about it in the comments section, are you experiencing similar things in the u.s. healthcare system like i am?
Thanks for watching my video,commenting your thoughts and opinions, and liking!

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Good health is NOT the "new" wealth. Good health is THE wealth!!! Everything else is accessories 👌🏾

In response Destiny Young to her Publication

You know your worth. Thats why. Plus, I'm sure you also want a HEALTHY relationship.

After watching parts of #OurFather it’s making me want to change my primary care provider. The healthcare in the military sucks though.

For Mental Health Month

Mental And Emotional Health: #Let'sBeEncouraged: Be A Healthier You - YouTube

Mental And Emotional Health: #Let'sBeEncouraged: Be A Healthier You

Today I am preparing red bean pelau it's a healthy dish and yiu can add your choice of things


This is a safe space for us and as one said on the timeline..a space where we care about Black folks and the issues we are facing in society.

Healthy discussions are good for the benefit of the Black community are good.

So let’s work together!
#blkem #B1 #joinblkem ✊🏿

Pressuring a man to have it all together just so he can afford Your dream lifestyle while you sit back & look pretty & not contribute to his growth or mental/emotional & spiritual health is shameful & we ought to do better.

In response Just Kemi to her Publication

matcha tea gives you energy without the crash 🍵 you can always try a bit of the powder to see how it affects you. There's many health benefits as well.

I’m still gone preach healthy Black Love tho🗣

But as of right now-I’m good off it🤝🏾

In response Elijah The Creator to his Publication

YOU do the math. Also, the reason people seek specific types of healthcare is NOBODY'S business, i cannot stress that enough. The reason you want an STD Test is not the business of ANYONE but you. Same for vasectomies, same for condoms, same for abortions

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