We stand corrected: The TOTAL projection of cut funding for HBCUs was at $30 billion. The $2 billion was set aside for the research and development project.

But we STILL want to know#WhereTheMoneyResides



An additional $1 billion recently passed the desk of the#USHouse in an overwhelming 420-9 vote and the proposed allocation to the Israeli state now lies in the hands of the#USSenate .
According to the Washington Post, Biden reportedly promised $56 billion to HBCUs and only $2 billion made it to the budget line….#WheresTheMoney?
Share your points of analysis in the comments and#DontHoldBack . They’re only accountable when we#ApplyPressure .


See black people want to keep giving Harris a pass because she suppose to be black(mixed), went to an HBCU, and she's an AKA (symbolism). But she only says she's black when it's convenient to get our votes. When it comes to substance for black people, she offers nothing.

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