In response Qween Jean to her Publication

they didnt have a child wth them but I'm sure when they do it'll be nothing love and positivity. Thats what these kids need more than ever now

In response Dave Loki to his Publication

Absolutely. it felt so good being told that after years of not hearing it. think of people who've never heard it AT ALL. Shit is really sad but thats why we have each other and need to stick together cause only a village working in unity can create an empire 💪🏾💯

Greetings my fellow Black Kings and Queen , please anyone who is interested to collaborate with me to form a strong partnership for Agriculture Project Under AFRICAN EARTH FARM should message me here or my whatsapp

No one deserves disrespect from anybody. NO ONE. and I will return that energy if thrown at me cause thats how the universe works.

whooaaaa whats this? why you attacking me like that? whats the problem? Nah, bro you aint about to bring that negative shit to BLKEM, FUCK THAT, Yall better check this dude for real

so fkin disrespectful!. You will never prosper bc ur love for money will always keep you broke.

Friendly reminder; I love Black Women. I may not date or be interested in some of yall but the love is there. So be good to yourself. Heal. Let a Black Man love you in his way thats beneficial to you.

Shoutout to the XX Chromosome.

One thing for certain is I dont owe anyone a damn thing. No one does. I've done all I could for those who showed me their true colors and I'm no longer in a state of mind that allows me to accept unbeneficial things. (ik thats not a word but i do what i want lol)

Our host Van Everette sits down with Daniel Artest to talk about the process of making "Real talk With A Playlist".

Heading to Charlotte tomorrow to meet some film people 💪🏾💯 I really need to move, theres not much going on in my city. All we got is gas stations and fast food, thats literally IT 😂

In response Just Kemi to her Publication

New AC. Thats all i can think of lol The fact that its clean and still smelling something awful is strange but at that point, I personally would just throw it out

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

Thats what some of our people need to comprehend. From the males that think like devils via misogyny to the females that were influenced by feminists.

Whats good everyone. I'm new to blkem. Im always here to support black businesses in the social media market.

In response Deon Dee to his Publication

both can be, but im telling you its deeper than just money, corruption or even race. They are slave catchers. Thats what they started as and the job description never really changed. Kill anything melanated, escalate fear, push agendas (gun control, police brutality, etc), Repeat

This is also true. They scoop us out of our communities, put us in theirs and train us to be just like them. Thats why so many black movements get shut down now. No unity, no strategy and most of all, COINTELPRO. If you dont know what that is, youre in for a treat 😁

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