I'm on a quest to find 20 streams of passive income.#passiveincome

A set it and forget it method and even if they only bring in $20-$30 a month, I'm adding it in there. Heck, if all 20 only brought in $25 a month, that would be an extra $500 each month.

The key word is passive and some will make much more than that.

So please friend me and come along on the journey.

And here's the first candidate:


Nothing to do, except sign-up and get paid. All I ask in return is that you use my link to sign-up to them all.


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"around 5 years ago I took some actions

I systematically "white ghosted" most of my white friends

I stopped watching the news

once I started I couldn't stop

I need to cut everything white

out of my life"

white people are not our friends

they do not care about us

we have to accept the reality

that we have an enemy#quote

amerikkka is ALREADY fascist

anyone who denies this, especially politicians, are not our friends

in fact they are enemies


"I feel like reconciliation week is the government saying they will give us white friends instead of Land Back and Reparations.

While what they’re doing is just trying to make us assimilate into a colony that thrives off the killing of our peoples and countries."


Do You Get A Licence To Kill When You’re Friends With The US? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvKEN9AL1lY

Do You Get A Licence To Kill When You’re Friends With The US? | Big Stories & Beyond - YouTube

As Colombian security forces’ crackdown of protests is turning into bloodshed, it’s hard not to notice the double standards of the US response, in comparison...

I didn't want to say this out of the black community...

But I really don't understand black people that advocate for black love and mock white people 24/7 and then majority of their partners and friends are white people...

Please, don't be a hypocrite

I want this girl cabbage recipe but we not friends no more😭🤣

Business vs Friendship - The Joe Budden Podcast Beef || Halfcast Podcast by Chuckie Online


Business vs Friendship - The Joe Budden Podcast Beef || Halfcast Podcast - YouTube

It looks like its the end of an era for one of the biggest podcasts - The Joe Budden Podcast. Sad news for Chuckie in particular as its one of his favorites....

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Enjoy your time with your family and friends its all we have for real

I wonder what would happen if someone dropped a gaggle of gators or Piranhas into the Rio Grande.

Asking for a friend

Black owned social media platform. Crazy features, from buying tickets to your favourite events to sharing photos, videos and live locations of where you are to your friends to posting events yourself and having people buy tickets.

Check it out on playstore - http://tiny.cc/littlegig

Link also in bio.

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