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Watching Coming 2 America before work. I wasn't crazy about the original, but I'll give this one a chance before judging it.#fortheculture #Coming2America

I know you all like to protest and keyboard advocate but when you start strategizing just consider THIS one. We invest, advocate and back the things we want to see happen in every way.

Need help understanding what we mean?
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I Created this platform for black owned businesses and for people who want to find handmade products from black owned businesses so i want to know what i can do to help your business get on the platform@mad_dreamers_space πŸ–€πŸπŸ–€#BLACKCREATORE and#BLACKBUYER #fortheculture #WeAreTheCluture #SueMe #rootingforeverybodythatsblack #HANDMADEPRODUCTS #ForUsByUs #blackowned

It's officially scheduled as a BUY BLACK WEEKEND!
Meet us and over 75 more Black owned businesses at the Black Flea Market this weekend, January 30th 1-5pm EST at Union Station: 510 W Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601 & January 31st 1-5pm at 2235 Garner Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610
Circulating the Black dollar and empowering the collective!
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Things to keep in mind with anything you do that earns you money!
THIS is for you if you have a business, are self-employed, or have a side hustle.

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Major Business Tip: Things to ke..

Things to keep in mind with anything you do that earns you money!THIS is for you if you have a business, are self-employed, or have a side hustle.Check out...

It's SUNDAY and the start to your best week. Let's honestly talk about it! It's a new year. YOUR new year resolution is to get out of poverty, make 6-figures, be the FIRST millionaire in your family's legacy, create generational wealth. WHAT is your strategy to achieve it?

Success is very seldom STUMBLED upon. We want to see you achieve whatever your heart desires. How will you go about doing so?

If you're not sure or just missing pieces of the puzzle to your plan. Here's a suggestion: Attend the FREE 11 MONEY SAVING & INCOME GENERATING HA

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