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Girl. I always feel under-dressed. It's like a fashion show and most people dont even be there shopping they just be walking around , like this ain't no park ?! You taking up all the couches and charging your phones , the wifi not even that great to be chillin in there for that long

Hey guys Im new to the forum I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself im Nikki B owner of , a online sunglasses and fashion accessories boutique created for black women. looking forward to connect with like-minded people ❤❤

#TeamTSC 3 Pic Promo (Jan 2021) - YouTube

Celebrating Black Love with a 90s HipHop flavorShop at the #TeamTSC store at by Lord Rakim of Gba Studioshttp://lordrakim.wordpress.c...

Shirt Shop Customize Tutorial - YouTube

This is a walkthrough of how to use the customize feature of the Shirt Shop

let's look to lupita to explore more gothic/dark clothing and style from the black perspective. this can be inspiring to try different hair styles, makeup, accessories, similar types of main pieces or just appreciation for one expression of gothic and dark alternative fashion on black people! the goth life is taking inspiration from others.
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delve deep with me into this racked by voxs' article meet hte black girls of goth. in this article writer nadra nittle covers the expression and thoughts of being a black women or teen in goth by interviewing various people who create and share in the scene. from the craft to the fashion runway to music nadra covers it all.

and i'm here to give my hot takes on her perspective and intertwine some more thoughts of what the interviewed express.
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in the third installment of my 90s hip hop music and videos that were very goth leaning i discuss missy elliot's famous song the rain, supa dupa fly. from the fashion to the lyrics i discuss how it can be an intro for black baby bats in the 90s.

the rain supa dupa fly music video:
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You're absolutely right. But this isn't a call to carry another group on our backs while we struggle to get ahead. This is just to acknowledge that both groups, even while one group has more economic and social leverage than the other, suffer/have suffered in some shape, form, or fashion at the hand of white supremacy.

kanye literally said on his lastest breakclub interview that he wanted to create a fashion line for SLAVESSSSSSSSS... in his words " bc Louis Vuitton did it, gucci did. why cant i do it"

like frfr ????? now hes worth a billion ( let them tell it)

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