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Relatable. My IG explore page is 90% babies and the rest is travel reels 😭😭😭😭😭

How does your mental health affect your sexual performance?
How can diabetes and hypertension impact intimacy?
How do we “decolonize" our bedrooms?
We explore the answers to these questions on this episode devoted to holistic sexual health, featuring Holistic Sex Therapist Renee Burwell (Pandora’s Awakening), Dr. Millard D. Collins (Meharry Medical College) and Professor Ingrid Ross Cockhren.
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Black owned schools come in a wide variety across the country. We explore a few of them on this week's "5 Fast Facts".

Black Owned Schools (5 Fast Facts) - YouTube

There are all types of Black owned schools across the country that can provide educational opportunities for our kids. Team Scenario's head of research, Ange...

Why do Black men often avoid regular doctor’s visits?
When is it time to see a therapist?
Why are vasectomies good for men AND women?
This week we answer these questions and explore why it’s important for men to take care of their physical, mental and sexual wellbeing. Plus we talk with physicians and therapists about the crucial behavior men need to develop in order to have longer and healthier lives. #thatsthescenario #MensHealth #BlackMensHealth #BlackMentalHealthMatters #BlackDoctor

Why do the kids in Black schools talk about race way more than the kids in white schools?

In this "Live From the Archives" episode we converse with bi-racial people, including Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Z to explore how race shapes identity and how cultural norms have changed over the decades. #thatsthescenario #Race #ethnicity #culture #BlackRadio

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

Mobile app revamp is coming along. We appreciate the tenacity and patience for the mobile app lol and will have an update soon.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the app screens

1. Redevelopment and redesign of the explore screen.
2. Onboarding screens after successfully signing up
3. Redesign and revamp of New Post Screen
4. Timeline redesign (Still working on this)
5. Mobile sign in and verification
6. and more updates

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this time we're going to explore drummer blair cunningham and his many contributions to the goth music genre. the goth life is showcasing the indvidiual music artists that help create the music that fuels the community. it's time to bring a under represented artist to the spotlight. are you ready to learn and connect more with them?
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this has been a video i've been wanting to show for awhile! this awesome website that also has a facebook page, black men smile focuses on showcasing various sides and style expressions of black men that have a smile on their face. it creates a safe space where they can explore various emotions and experiences of being masculine and black. the goth life includes celebrating our masculine members! the goth life is checking out others expressions in their clothes too.

let's look to lupita to explore more gothic/dark clothing and style from the black perspective. this can be inspiring to try different hair styles, makeup, accessories, similar types of main pieces or just appreciation for one expression of gothic and dark alternative fashion on black people! the goth life is taking inspiration from others.
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I just realized I've been living on the home page for a while now....I forgot all about the explore page ?

With immigration issues being number one on the Biden Harris administration priority list. What does that actually mean for Black America? Today we explore that thought at the possible outcome of Black Americans slipping to fourth place on the population list as immigration to the United States rises.

Joe Biden Immigration And The End Of Black America - YouTube

With immigration issues being ..

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