3. This way, you are NOT resisting nor refusing to obey/comply with their orders/demands/ policy/questions, because it is now your WILL to perform WITH THE CONDITION that payment is with you immediately, because you have NO CONFIDENCE with them administrating YOUR trust!

THEY HAVE COLLAPSED THE PUBLIC TRUST...so stop issuing them credit.
PS-Be the polite BUSINESS man with your trustees and rebut their presumptions.....by


1. THE TRUST IS COLLAPSED....in other words, you are no longer granting any more credit.
If the policeman is not lawfully investigating the crime on behalf of the male/female victim and is entering YOUR company jurisdiction without you summoning them, then would it not be advisable to be politely placing YOUR public-servants/trustees under your notification that you charge $911 per hour for YOUR time and also $777 for YOUR performance....

We all know racism exists in all shapes and forms across all continents. Daily racial trauma are non-stop for Black Individuals online.  

We also know that the system of white supremacy can inflict ZERO tolerance on drugs, taxes, copyright infringements, defaulting on your credit, doing anything for the Black community and so forth, but not for elements that DO matter. So why is it difficult for the system to enforce zero tolerance for racism?  

Continued in comments....

#blkem #blackowned #thegreatmigration #blacktrauma

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I've updated from 15 minutes to a free 30 min consultation! A lot of you have a lot of questions, so I want to make sure I am giving you enough time to discuss your credit issues! If you know someone who needs a free consultation to go over their credit to learn how to improve it, give them my number to schedule a call (561)870-1503

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its crazy how the narrative in history class is basically "the all powerful european conquered the world all by hisself", and not; After thousands of years of trying, the hyksos finally infiltrated our global empire with the help of the mixed, bastard, "noble" sons of concubines & Moorish rulers in Europe, culminating in the 1st & 2nd Barbary Wars c. 1801-1815. Then a global flood happens and they rebuild the empire in white face using credit backed by the stolen dubloons. correct me where im wrong.

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You're welcome! We were denied a bank loan for 10 acres. In the farming world, 10 acres and under make you a "mini-farmer". Both my mother and I were going to be on the title of the property. We both have 750 and over credit and were denied.

It's miracle that we found this little place and turned it into a homestead. This industry is very racist against us.

Black IZ Beautiful

Black America constantly demands "their own." To their credit, many brothers and sisters have put forth an effort to make those things happen. One mentioned website;

I received a credit alert for over a million dollars & this girl starts yelling, "We are rich, we are rich." I asked her, "What you mean We??" πŸ€”πŸ€”

πŸ‘‘The Mbunza from#Namibia πŸ‘‘

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πŸ‘‘Sukuma Dance from Tanzania πŸ‘‘
#africaunite #Africa #africanculture

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πŸ‘‘The Himba in Namibia πŸ‘‘

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Good Morning Everyone!! For those who need a little Extra motivation today.
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