Chinese leaders knew for weeks that the coronavirus could be easily transmitted from one human to another, but they engaged in a campaign of deception to tell the world it was not contagious.

To make matters worse, Xi Jinping pressured countries to not impose travel restrictions and quarantines on arrivals from China. At the same time, he imposed travel restrictions and quarantines inside his country. Xi , therefore he was spreading the disease by leaning on other countries to accept arrivals from China. It is these arrivals that turned an epidemic in central China into a global pandemic.

Another well-orchestrated hit-piece on making Black people the face of #AntiAsianHate .

Notice the talking points…

The police did not call it a hate crime…

Spike in racism due to #trump rhetoric on the #coronavirus…

Asians have played an indispensable role in building the country…

Essential workers on the frontlines of the covid-19 (despite high deaths of Blacks due to lack of care and turning them away by the essential workers).

Asian Hate CrimeTask Force and hotline...

Asians are experiencing record unemployment and hunger.

Businesses in Chinatown are suffering (they

‘I Shouted For Help, But Nobody Helped Me’: Asian Americans Are Under Attack - YouTube

There has been a significant s..

A #VACCINE 's job is not necessarily to keep you from getting a virus, but to stop the virus from wreaking havoc on the body in the event that it does enter. The vaccine's job is to keep an infection from becoming serious illness. With tens of millions of people already vaccinated it may be tempting to relax safety guidelines, but with more contagious variants circulating in the population that is exactly the wrong attitude. #maskup #getvaccinated

In response Dave Loki to his Publication

This same woman was arrested for trying to overthrow the government on January 6th. Also she is not a scientist. She is an MD and completely unqualified to discuss vaccine efficacy. She's a sham and a charlatan right wing GRIFTER funneling money to right wing politicians like Trump by stoking vaccine fears.

In response Samantha Sturdivant to her Publication

?Very shocking but then who do we trust because this coronavirus is real make no doubt about that even black Doctors, not that the colour matters, say i should take it when my time is next and probably taken it themselves due to the nature of their jobs also for the fact that black people, according to medical professionals, say we are at a higher risk and they are still functioning well , so what next with the upmost respect to you ??

In response Site Admin to his Publication

The strange thing is , a nurse in San Diego got the virus even after taking the vaccine . So the stuff doesn't even work and they're implimenting travel restrictions ?

This is an evil country...

Here's a segment from our chat with the host of Royce's Rant, Royce Massengill.

Click the link to listen to the whole episode. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #independentradio #hiphop #RnB #blacktwitter #Covid19 #coronavirus #politics

The narrative of NON-BLACK MEDIA....

"The coronavirus pandemic has peaked earlier than expected in many African countries, confounding early predictions, experts have told MPs. Scientists do not yet know why, but one hypothesis is the possibility of people having pre-existing immunity to Covid-19, caused by exposure to other infections."

It's not hard to decipher these statements and their meanings. You have to know what to look for.

Although we've been on our Summer hiatus, we still don't want you to miss our video series, 'Rooting For Everybody Black'. Catch up with what's happening in the world, on our YouTube channel. #thatsthescenario #independentradio #BlackRadio #coronavirus #Rona #Covid19 #SocialDistancing #politics #Humor #socialmedia #blackgirlmagic #ConfederateMonuments

Don't trust them with your health and safety. The pandemic it's real! Take all of the precautions if you HAVE TO be out and about... watch below, how to properly social distance when out and about. !

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