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I'll take them straight to the numbers. artists royalties are 95% of everything they release and 100% of all merch and tickets. then I'll explain how they'll also keep their masters, trademarks and copyrights and WHY theyre so important to keep

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The fact is, this system was founded on racism and it’s bad for business to implement such a stringent policy. The war on drugs was implemented because it was good for gains on modern day slavery.?
Taxes was instilled because it’s good for business..taxing from hard earn workers to continue funding their agenda.?

Copyright infringements was adopted because it’s also good for business..puts back money into this system so that they can continue to infringe on Black rights!

We all know racism exists in all shapes and forms across all continents. Daily racial trauma are non-stop for Black Individuals online. ?

We also know that the system of white supremacy can inflict ZERO tolerance on drugs, taxes, copyright infringements, defaulting on your credit, doing anything for the Black community and so forth, but not for elements that DO matter. So why is it difficult for the system to enforce zero tolerance for racism? ?

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#blkem #blackowned #thegreatmigration #blacktrauma

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