One of my students asked me today about my alma mater, Bethune Cookman university and asked me is the stuff that he is seeing online true and it literally shattered my heart to tell him yes everything that you see online everything that those students are saying is 300% true

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You got me out here cooking breakfast lunch & dinner with NO RING 😒

Yeahhhh soo y’all remember that Scorpio I was telling y’all about. 🥴 I’m down real bad behind it. It got me cooking and having sleep-overs. Like WHO AM I!???

moms are doctors, best friends, counselors, dentist, nutritionist, hairdressers, stylist, cooks, chauffeurs and more. Salute to all the active mothers cause it can’t be easy.

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I'm just keeping my pen sharp since I'm ghostwriting for the poetry slam coming up. I'm about to start taking yall comments and turning em into poems all over the timeline. Just let me cook

this was the food from last night too, which explains why my high ass forgot to post it lol. bc i was cooked af, and i was knocked out before long 😅🤦🏾‍♂️ i did the lambchops and salmon tho, just fyi. my moms did the mac and cheese/asparagus

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to cook I would say fried chicken spaghetti cheesy garlic bread and a side salad. takeout.. Chinese get crab rangoons with wte you decide.

Just cooked my lunch for work and cleaned the kitchen. Once my laundry is dry I’m gonna change my sheets and take a nap. 3rd shift sleep schedule even on my days off.

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Yes Max! I got some more yarn, gummy worms, cookies, tea, nail polish, and fizzy waters.

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so is we cooking still or should we get in line for the main course?

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