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I don't think those are mutually exclusive are they? I can be a broke unstable man-slut who can cook. Especially if I work as a cook.

I am sorry, I will get a man-slut who can cook before I date a broke/unstable man seriously.

I know I told y'all to start the resolutions now, but Imma hold off on learning how to cook like a grown-up until the new year.

Gotta give my grandma some time , can’t cook today but will bring a healthy meal❤️

I just seasoned these pork chops to life and they bout to be some bad bitches when I cook em up lol. I just need to decide what I wanna do with them because I don’t really wanna fry em

In response 💽DJ A1 😈 to his Publication

Getting take out after grocery shopping so I don't have to cook when I get home 😂

them videos of asian lady cookin animals alive is savage😮‍💨

In response Alicia Alicia to her Publication

Oh let me find the video for you. Josh’s mum can’t cook and her whole thanksgiving dinner was out of tins and cans. I felt sick!

What I’m bringing as my contribution to tomorrows feast because I’m not cooking a damn thing

I'm sharing a simple recipe for those who like natural cooking. I get the sweet potatoe and pumpkin clean boil strain puree with all ingredients and pour in pie shell bake

The ✋️s are in teams telling what they are cooking for Thanksgiving & In my head Im like...make sure yall season the food.

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