Just finished writing a script for a short film. the film guy already paid me for my work and I'm going to meet with him this weekend to discuss a contract and further work 🎥 Things are looking pretty good 💪🏾✊🏾✋🏾👁🤚🏾✨

In response Oluwatobi Bello to his Publication

I feel you and I am a black businessman I consult for network engineering and in addition provide service to some larger corporations. I love working for self I have taught my son the business and he owns his own company. I have found not all blacks are cheering for me and a lot of times they are the main ones deny my contracts but, I been going strong over 20 years so i brish ot off and keep pushing. We can not achieve people in Power until we give power to the people.

somebody do this #solidity tutorial with me to learn how to contruct smart contracts on the #ethereum blockchain, i have this idea for a coin.... #crypto #dev #web3js

Good Morning BLKEM.COM!
I hope all is well with your family and that this holiday season still brings you joy in spite of everything we have experienced as a country and as a collective of strivers.
Below I have included a website in regards to information about a quickstart kit giveaway by Government Contracts Association.


Looking for black owned contractor in Milwaukee, WI for roofing job. Any suggestions?

Singer Akon awarded a $6 billion construction contract to build #AkonCity in Senegal! The city will run on #Akoin cryptocurrency.

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