this music earworms segment includes a newer band called blouse! let's get into their sound and learn a little about them too. the goth life includes exploring newer bands keeping the music genres going!
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Why do Black men often avoid regular doctor’s visits?
When is it time to see a therapist?
Why are vasectomies good for men AND women?
This week we answer these questions and explore why it’s important for men to take care of their physical, mental and sexual wellbeing. Plus we talk with physicians and therapists about the crucial behavior men need to develop in order to have longer and healthier lives. #thatsthescenario #MensHealth #BlackMensHealth #BlackMentalHealthMatters #BlackDoctor

Some people put way too much of their relationship on social media. One good preview is all you need to know I’m taken & to leave me alone..I’m not posting us everyday…

In response Steven Lemon to his Publication

Wow??? So, "critical race theory" a no and financial literacy a yes?? Smh.

I don’t think we give enough credit & appreciation to the Black men defending Black women

I remember seeing a post a while back where some guy asked what America would be like without White people.
I've given that a lot of thought and now I'm finally ready to offer an opinion.

If you want to find out what America would be like without White people, imagine where you would have to buy most of the things you buy, the homes or apartments you live in, the paycheck you receive from your employer or how the Social Security system would pay you,
where you would get the gas to power your car, the electricity to heat your home, and the list goes on, *OR* you just look at ANY city or

According to Fox news, at least one state is enacting a new law for 2022. Henceforth it is required that high school grads pass a FINANCIAL LITERACY COURSE before graduation.

Whether they know it or not, this new law is RACIST and will eventually benefit the GOP!

First, Black kids have for generations grown up, gotten old and died without ever having to learn a single thing about financial literacy other than how much cash is on hand at the end of the month. To now require them to learn a completely new and foreign concept such as this is to ignore the fact that they have shown no propen

here we go, been quiet with this segment for awhile. let's enjoy and learn more about scary black. the goth life on this channel is all about celebrating black goth musicians. without the musicians the subculture would be nothing, and we need to give these people the props!
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Your partner should get special treatment. Y’all be treating your man & woman like regulars and ion like that🥴

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Lmaoooo!!! understood. You will see how much of our people are going to flock to this meta, knowing that all of your information will be required to include your facial make-up.

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We appreciate that. We are proactively working on the app revamp and will update soon.

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