Demons have gotten so bold in these last days that Caucasians believe they are doing God's work by murdering The Children of Israel, whom they enslaved.

God's Chosen people are not those khazarians occupying Israel.
Need proof? Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9 tell us this in God's own words.


Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Start telling the fear, “You’ve got to go back. Anxiety, you’re not welcome here; you’ve got to go back.” Maybe it’s a child that’s off course, instead of complaining about the trouble, you need to start speaking to the trouble.

“Father, You said, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. My children will be mighty in the land. Lord, I thank You that every force that’s trying to stop them has got to go back.”

Get in agreement with God, start declaring His promises.

Thanks and God bless you. Amen

Brainless. Some of these girls act as i f they were the only girls born with a puzzy. They are overly sexual, even with children, which makes them a danger to all children. She should be helping him learn to read bc no one else cares if he knows or not.

This shxt so disturbing to me…
How do you introduce this type of stuff to your sons & expect them to grow up being well rounded, respectable, sincere, genuine, protective men that Love women??? Crying about getting played by dudes & how there’s no good men when you’re putting your own kids on the track to being JUST like that. There’s no good men/women bc there’s no good PARENTS. What don’t we get about healthy parenting???

Y’all gotta understand that it is literally their job to write our history books. Therefore it’s their duty to create fake news that’ll get the country riled up so our children & childrens children have something new to learn about in school. Our kids can’t learn about Jim Crow & emancipation forever lol. They need new events to record in history

& I can guarantee you that man’s mother was not twerking & exposing him to toxic things as a child. WE determine the outcome of our children who will one day be adults. Can’t expect a pool of great men/women if we’re raising them the complete opposite..

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

You know, its crazy but I was just at dollar general and this black couple were so IN LOVE and you could tell. the man was hugging all over his lady the whole time they were shopping, he was singing to her, and even told everyone in the store that she was the love of his lfie

Leapfrogging over us even to the point of grooming children. We've all been 12, 13 and 14 years old. Looking back, we all know damn well that we didn't know nearly enough to make decisions about changing our bodies at that time. Grooming children to make life-changing decisions in their teens can never work out well for the child. And now they want to start with 5 and 6-year-olds!

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America made a pact with The Devil when she enslaved Black people
Her enslavement was generational and bc of that, so is her pact with the Devil ... and as far as The Devil is concerned ...that pact is still valid.

How can whites possibly think there is some Heaven waiting for them and their children's children. The pact America made with the Devil is just as generational as the chattel slavery America invented.

True People of the Book #5 | America Will Not Apologize - YouTube

True people of the book are baffled because America never apologized for slavery. They committed a great injustice against people of color, yet they refuse t...

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

melanated beings are children of the Sun we thrive in it because our bodies are designed to Receive it...


Bishop Talbert Swan
Rather than ban assault rifles to protect children in schools from violent, demented, mass murderers, mostly white men, Congress, mostly white men, would rather arm teachers, mostly white women, to engage the killers, because police, mostly white men, are afraid to.

I’m tryna have Lucky Daye’s children not gonna lie🥴

Narcissist parents will:
Always find a way to judge you
Always find a way to control you
Treat you “better” than their other children as far as material things
Destroy your self esteem
Try to live their life through you
Never admit their faults
Are insensitive
Make everything about themselves
Always seeking validation
& hate being judged

They’re literally the most confusing ppl ever😅

Of course, accountability still falls on both sides if that's how they truly are. ADULTS in general need to know how to be an adult and know what they want in life and learn to be honest people, not selfish. cause at the end of the day, our mistakes affect the children the most

God don’t play bout His ppl but y’all playing. Train, arm yourselves, pray. If you have children put them in self defense. We can’t raise our kids defenseless cause they will one day be grown adults in this crazy world. They have to be ready in some way

They dont teach these kids shit anyway. fuckers get paid to lie. did yall know that principals are actually all MASONS? Yeah, these bitches have to take an oath before they even become teachers/principals. they are told to to lie to these children and all for money. Truth.

I just spent the past hour or so talking with my sister and telling her that no matter what, never have fear in your heart and always stand up for yourself. its important that children are told this regularly. We dont need our next generation growing up to be pushovers.

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