I don't care if white people's perceptions of Black children is distorted

consequences will force them to understand

All of us know about the#Tuskegee experiment and how long it happened.! Right ?

Well ask yourself this........

If the whole point of it was to document a monitor how this virus operated inside of a black person WHAT HAPPENED to ALL of those BLACK people that were infected?????????🧐 y’all never once asked

I’ll tell you ,, they went on in life & had children, who had their children & their children had children and they have it ..👁PASSING IT OWN DOWN GENETICALLY🧬
now your ass is in a system and they’re watching and keeping up with y

I understand some of the outrage about the Texas law being passed but at the same time this an opportunity to start teaching and learning our own History without the oppression. We have stop allow them to tell us about us why would we give them that power. Facts are Facts but what people believe is what they move on. Teach your children self esteem before you poison them with their history.

I am continuously amazed at the way some Black people are demanding to have their children taught that their future is determined by their skin color, the deck is stacked against them from the day they are born and there's nothing they can do about it.

Classic definition of a dumb ass Negro

If Black people lose the ability to vote and have our vote counted - THE ENTIRE SYSTEM BECOMES ILLEGITIMATE!!!!
STOP listening to the lies from these scammers who pretend to represent us in Wash, DC. If they were actually doing anything about our situation, the police would not be murdering our children in America's streets!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIBN1f8JFgE

Nothing Will Matter If We Don’t Win Voting Rights Fight Says Kurt Bardella - YouTube

President Biden’s new voting rights initiatives vs. the many GOP voter suppression laws are analyzed by activists and politics experts who emphasize that thi...

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As a mom of five I definitely understand the struggle and know how important it is to be able to still enjoy the small things in life, like a smell or self care.

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"Seduce and terrorize children with fantasies,

punish their dissent and reward their submission,

and you can groom them to believe whatever you like." #quotes

I know it a great week coming up to all the wonderful men who has helped children. I am sendingna sponge cake recipes for the wife

if we do nothing

we are setting our children and grandchildren up

for a lifetime of terror at the hands of our oppressors

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"How long are you going to let others

determine the future for your children?

are we not warriors?

when our Ancestors went into battle

they did not know what the consequences were going to be

all they knew is if they did nothing

things would not go well for their children"#quote

Winona Laduke, Indigenous activist

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