Finally found a decent apartment… Size is decent, pretty nice view/lighting, surprisingly affordable, well managed, not too far from Chicago, located in Deep- I mean Downstate Illinois, and it’s a block away from an FBI office.

TF am I about to get myself into?

In response The Real to her Publication

Chicago must be “real”

Any tv show that starts with Chicago– I’m interested 😂 Chicago FIRE, MED PD, EFG I’m watching!😂😂😂

Mood all day, every day. ?


“Adversity is always the foundation of virtue.”- Japanese Proverb
Put your foot on its neck. Let it be your footstool.


This will NEVER get old
#DontBackDown #ApplyPressure

Find another talking point you imbecile.

Off the top of my head, here are five orgs who actually do the work.


Now if your favorite politician, journalist, talking head never mentioned any of these or other local orgs in the city but they claim to know what’s going on…. Shut. Them. Down. And shut them up.

#ComeToChicago #DoTheWork

#TeamTSC 3 Pic Promo (Jan 2021) - YouTube

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Shirt Shop Customize Tutorial - YouTube

This is a walkthrough of how to use the customize feature of the Shirt Shop

Much love tosenatormikesimmons for his good work.

Alongside Simmons', the mother of Nelson is also joining the fight. In a statement collected by Block Club Chicago, Ida Nelson states that “The source of the problem is self-hatred...we don’t even notice that’s the problem. The problem is we never really were taught to embrace who we are and love ourselves from head to toe in our natural state.”

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