We are OFFICIALLY 2 months out and the NC state fair has the site updated with the event. Explains the additional increase of calls and e-mails. We're excited. Are you?

If you're interested in being a vendor, you still can. All details are on the site: ourstopshop.com/buyblackmarket#OURBBM #OurSpace #Communitybuild

This is indeed true..many do claim to want to support but continue not to. Either it's not popular or it's lacking elements that non-black individuals have. We have to break this habit if we are to expect some real wins.

We have to push that "want" to find Black Owned products and/or services to utilize and even if they don't have it, why not establish it, individually or as a whole.

Let's break this mindset where we can atleast GROW and stabilize our foundation.

#blkem #verifiedgames #buyblack #blackowned #funnight

We talk about supporting black owned businesses, but most of us do not. We need to learn consumerism. The same way you go to Walmart everyday is the same way you need to be supporting a black owned business. We know when you go into stores your mind doesn't say "look for black owned products", however we must subconciously start to readjust to make a difference. We all play games, but most of us will go into Walmart and buy Uno or traditional playing cards; Why not grab 'Verified' and support black own. https://www.verifiedthegame.com

Some people on twitter saying " Ohh but a social media only with black people ain't going to end beefs"

Boii, I just don't want to argue with white folks being racist and saying stupid shit about african people 😅

Beefs between black people always end in a funny way and ain't that serious

Wait a min..so they're arresting people for being verbally racist now?

What happen to all those who have been verbally racist towards Black people with the N-word?

Do you see the lengths the media and these agencies are going to make this stick? We have NEVER got this specialized protection, specifically for us.

I continue to tell Black people, STOP supporting their businesses and focus on Black Owned. Don't think they're listening.

#buyblack #blackowned


It's time to help bridge the wealth gap in a MAJOR WAY!

For more info checkout the site here:


Tag any businesses that you know are confirmed in the comments on this post.

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If you're looking for books centered around the Black community, look no further. Before you go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other store that's not Black Owned, take the time to utilize ones like these that's for the community.

AALBC is the largest, oldest, and most frequently visited online bookstore dedicated to books by or about Black people.

It's a must that we should do what we can to redirect wealth and that's how we establish significant resources within.

#blackownership #blkem #blackowned #buyblack

Replied to Aimee Ebron's Post

Here are a few {smile} books to get you started

African American History


Historical Fiction



Whcih aspect of business are you interested in?

There is alot of talk in Black spaces and places about our need for healing. I have spent 20+ years cracking the code on what it takes to heal and transform US. Haaling emotional blocks is faster and simpler than you may realize. Stop suffering and start transforming.

Check it out at BlackMastery.com







There is alot of talk in Black spaces and places about our need for healing. I have spent 20+ years cracking the code on what it takes to heal and transform US so that we can become all that we are capable of. Check it out at BlackMastery.com

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Well folks, we have seen enough with the media, conditioned folks, and these sambo's acting like the resident dj's on them turntables.  


There's a heavy push to turn the table on the Black Community, their combine allegiance to pushing the narrative and putting us in the crosshairs are disturbing. 


First Biden stating that Transgender Discrimination is the Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time while Black People continue to be killed by white supremacy and their race soldiers.

Continued in the comments...

#blkem #stopblackhate #buyblack

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