Did you know there are only 3 black owned games which sit on big box retailer shelves? In order to see more games created by black people sitting on shelves at Target, Walmart and more we need people like YOU! Check out this article written for Blavity.#cardgames #boardgames #games #blackowned #gamenights #party

My friends were talking crap in the
beginning. At first all my money kept
dwindling away as I keep getting fee after fee.
They kept buying properties, I landed in jail 🙄
By the end of the game I had money & bought
blocks filled with properties 😂. Although
this is a game, it's actually a game of life.
I watched as we made financial decisions,
bartered & some went bankrupt. Just
because things aren't going well, you've
been in jail, you lost everything, doesn't
mean you can't get back up!

#boardgames #AFLS {

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