How does your mental health affect your sexual performance?
How can diabetes and hypertension impact intimacy?
How do we “decolonize" our bedrooms?
We explore the answers to these questions on this episode devoted to holistic sexual health, featuring Holistic Sex Therapist Renee Burwell (Pandora’s Awakening), Dr. Millard D. Collins (Meharry Medical College) and Professor Ingrid Ross Cockhren.
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How did Klue and Pisces find out that Texas is toxic, while trying to elope?
What blushing bride almost walked down the aisle to Outkast's “Prototype”?
Why did one of our guests get stabbed with a steak knife at his own engagement party?
We’ve got all the answers to these questions on our celebration of #blacklove and Valentine’s Day; The Black Love Mixtape. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #relationships #Marriage #valentinesday

3 Marriages, celebrating #blacklove
1 Year
10 Years
25 Years

How To Love (From The #BlackLove Mixtape) - YouTube

3 couples help us celebrate Valentine's Day by exploring the things they've learned about making love work.

Self Improvement Summit * June 5th * Washington DC || Dom Game Division by C Boogie Productions LLC

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Self Improvement Summit * June 5th * Washington DC - YouTube

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Black Love exists? Absolutely! Hang this representation of greatness in your home to inspire you to embrace it! #blacklove #blackart #createyourcorner

The youngest loves LOVE
Just a reminder that the 15th of every month is credit letter dispute day. Make sure your sending the letters to credit bureaus certified mail. Get them derogatory items off your report. You have til April to access all reports for free. $20k in credit minimum by April. make sure you stay on it


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When they close a door, build a new one?

AT 6PM: Black Polygamy is delivered to you without access to our login #Allegedly

Double click to enlarge the text for better reading experience:

#polygamy #blacklove #blackcouples #cheating #openrelationship

In response Site Admin to his Publication

Another black dating site which is black owned (by me?)
#blacklove #bob

It's SUNDAY and the start to your best week. Let's honestly talk about it! It's a new year. YOUR new year resolution is to get out of poverty, make 6-figures, be the FIRST millionaire in your family's legacy, create generational wealth. WHAT is your strategy to achieve it?

Success is very seldom STUMBLED upon. We want to see you achieve whatever your heart desires. How will you go about doing so?

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What we fail to realize is that other cultures and communities are practicing these techniques WITHOUT inclusion.?
They have perfected it but still, without inclusion. ?
We have laid out examples in a few of our previous post. ?
They've been practicing GROUP economics, working with their own, hiring ONLY their own (certain communities) and for the most part, spending between their own.?
It's not a crime to learn from others and take that knowledge back to build your own communities.?

#blkem #blacklove

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